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I am a huge fan of Green Flower.

"As the first active NFL player to openly advocate for the use of cannabinoids to treat chronic pain and sports-related injuries, I am a huge fan of Green Flower. They provide a constant source of credible cannabis education and expertise that's desperately needed to overcome the decades of misinformation about this plant. It's time the world sees the healing potential of cannabis, and I'm thrilled Green Flower is leading the charge on a global level."

- Eugene Monroe, Former NFL Player, Baltimore Ravens

Over 300+ Hours of Trusted, Ad-Free Cannabis Content You Won't Find Anywhere Else.

Green Flower produces the highest quality cannabis content in the industry.

"I've been extremely impressed by their impact on our cannabis community. For over 40 years, I've been advocating for people to treat this plant with more respect and value. Now Green Flower is helping me and many other top leaders broadcast that wisdom to a global audience. This is the cannabis education we’ve all been waiting for."

- Steve DeAngelo, Harborside

Learn From The World's Top Cannabis Experts, Doctors, Scientists, and Business Leaders.

Steve DeAngelo
Mara Gordon
Aunt Zelda's
Emily Paxhia
Poseidon Asset Mgmt
Amanda Reiman
Flow Kana
Michael Backes
Cannabis Pharmacy
Alison Ettel
Jessica Peters
Moxie Meds
Paul Armentano
Dr. Jessica Knox
Canna MD's
Dr. Rachel Knox
Canna MD's
Uwe Blesching
Cannabis Health Index
Robyn Lawrence
Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

Who Benefits From Membership

  • New To Cannabis

    Step-by-step guidance on which products to use, how much to take, and everything in between.

  • Patients

    Trusted guidance from MD's, scientists, and healthcare providers about how to use cannabis as medicine.

  • Growers

    Beginner or pro, you'll learn everything about growing the highest quality organic cannabis indoor and outdoor.

  • Employees

    Your team MUST be up-to-date and in-the-know if you want to thrive in this industry.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Guidance, trends, and opportunities so you can capitalize on this exploding cannabis industry.

  • Health Professionals

    Become better equipped to answer people's questions, concerns, and curiousity about cannabis today.

  • Investors

    You can't invest in something you don't understand. Learn the landscape, opportunities, and threats.

  • Job Seekers

    Become irresistible to cannabis companies because of your deep knowledge about the plant.

  • Cannabis Lovers

    Geek out on strain genetics, land races, and other interesting facts about our favorite plant.

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    2x per month you can jump on live-calls with our world-class cannabis experts to get personalized guidance.

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    A safe space to ask questions, connect with others, and have meaningful cannabis conversations.

  • Exclusive Content

    From private live-stream events to exclusive interviews, members get cannabis education and knowledge you won't find anywhere else

What actual members are saying about INSIDER.

  • Olivia Brown

    Ontario Canada

    Being a Green Flower Insider has changed my life.

    The content has enabled and empowered me to be able to speak to friends and family regarding anything cannabis. Max's calm and persistent interview style, always approaching in a professional manner, has led me to start two of my own cannabis businesses. I enjoy everything Green Flower offers!

  • Michael Beebe

    Everett, WA

    I have been a Green Flower Insider since 2016!

    The library is packaged with valuable information and new classes added almost weekly, so my knowledge is always expanding. What I wasn't prepared for was becoming the 'resident expert' in my networking community, and with friends & family. Green Flower has given me the information, tools, and resources to be a great advocate.

  • John Roskelley

    Sandy, Utah

    The videos are first-rate on every level!

    Everyone at cNation has a keen interest in cannabis as medicine and accurately tracking individual usage as thoroughly as possible. We have a healthy appetite for this subject and are constantly researching it for our own purposes.

  • Dr. Andrew Kerklaan

    US and Canada

    Green Flower was instrumental in the development of my line of professional topical cannabinoid products.

    The speakers are knowledgeable, insightful and have excellent information on the endocannabinoid system and science of cannabis. Thank you, Green Flower, for developing such a complete platform for myself and others to discover the health benefits of cannabis. You continue to provide me and the cannabis-community with information and inspiration.

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