The Magical Butter Machine is a game changer when it comes to making your own homemade edibles. In fact, its name “Magical Butter” is a bit of a misnomer because it can be used to make butters, oils, tinctures, sugar and cannabis-infused topicals as well.

Watch this week’s episode of Try This for an in-depth look on the ins and outs of this machine. I show you how to make all of these and I even try the end results on the show! I also show you how to figure out how much cannabis to use when cooking and how much THC will be in each serving.

This week we have a TRY THIS Contest where you can enter to win your own Magical Butter Machine (see contest details at the end of this blog post)!

Why this machine is worth a look

magical butter machine display

Preparing your own cannabis-infused products can be intimidating. The Magical Butter Machine changes all that.

Now if you are someone using cannabis for a severe illness this could be the healthiest way to consume. You’re not inhaling any vapor or smoke and you just can’t compare eating healthy ingredients from recipes you have chosen between store-bought, pre-packaged edibles on a shelf.

The cool thing about this machine is that when you’re infusing oils, butters and tinctures it saves so much time compared to the traditional way. It handles all the stirring blending, extracting and temperature watching so your cannabis doesn’t burn!

And infusing things like alcohols and teas would normally take weeks, but with this machine you can do it in a matter of hours!

Be ready for a fun learning curve

Mandee preparing cannabis chocolate pretzel smore bars.

Although the Magical Butter Machine is a great device, it does take some practice to get it just right!

Almost every product has its own downsides or things that the manufacturer could potentially improve upon.

With the Magical Butter Machine, the biggest challenge was the learning curve.

There was quite a bit of additional supplies that I needed that were not mentioned or included, some missing information in the directions and recipes section of their website – and I needed to figure out a simple way to accurately dose myself.

But The team over at Magical Butter was incredibly helpful when I would make my calls to them.

Between that and my own research and trial and error, I’ve prepared some tips, tricks and suggested shopping items for the Magical Butter Machine, that I share with you throughout the episode.

Be sure to watch the video above to learn all these tips as they will save you tons of time!

Between this and all the how-to we cover in today’s episode, you’ll be ready to make your own cannabis products in no time.

If you want to win one of these machines for yourself, be sure to hurry as our Magical Butter Machine contest will last for only one week!

Contest Details

magical butter machine contest

Could you be the lucky winner of your very own Magical Butter Machine? Only one way to find out!

*Update* The Magical Butter Machine contest is over, and you can still use coupon code “trythisdiscount” and get $30 OFF your order! Shop Now:

Stay tuned for future contests from Green Flower and Try This!

Question of the week…

Since we now know that you can turn just about any recipe into a cannabis infusion, what would be your favorite dish to infuse with cannabis?

Let us know in the comments below so we can spark some creative ideas for each other.

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