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I used to be someone who dreaded working out. I knew it was good for me but it seemed like so much hard work; it wasn’t fun, it was painful and I really didn’t like to sweat. But if you want to live a long, healthy and engaged life, anyone will tell you that being physically fit is one of the best ways to make that happen.

So I started using cannabis in my physical fitness regime and was blown away at the difference it made. Now I’m in the best shape of my life, I feel completely empowered, alive and strong. I have more energy and can do so much more physically, which feels liberating.

I don’t have any shortness of breath doing anything physical in my day-to-day life, whether it’s walking up and down stairs or carrying heavy boxes or taking my dogs with me on a bike ride – I have even competed in mud runs and competitive races. I contribute a large part of this transformation to my using cannabis with fitness.

Mandee riding her bike with a dog in the basket
Cannabis can inspire you to get out there and get fit!

So here are 7 ways cannabis boosts your fitness…

#1) Cannabis is a great tool for shifting your perspective.

With a little bit of cannabis, you’ll find that you can go from a place of dreading a scheduled workout and coming up with excuses not to go, to getting excited, motivated and empowered to go workout. You will also find that physical fitness just becomes fun!

#2) Cannabis helps you become open and loose.

This is great for helping you stretch before and after workouts. And cannabis doesn’t just reduce stiffness in your body, it can also help you work into the pain more while getting in shape.

Mandee stretching her legs
Stretching can feel great on and off cannabis!

#3) Cannabis is a bronchodilator.

That’s right. A puff before your workout will allow those bronchial tubes to take in more oxygen as well as enhancing blood flow (due to vasodilation). Both the increased air intake and increased blood vessel diameter deliver increased oxygen, which can be quite beneficial when exercising.

#4) Cannabis enhances your bodily focus.

One of the great things about combining cannabis and fitness is that it can help you focus more on targeted muscle groups. When I am working out I can now feel the exact muscles I want to contract and work, and I can consciously engage and activate them to get more power and strength out of my workouts. I find this to be especially great for weight lifting and keeping a steady pace when running

Mandee exercising her shoulders
Focus and breathing are critical components of getting a good workout session.

#5) Increase or suppress your appetite.

When it comes to physical fitness, eating is just as important to getting the most out of your workouts as is the actually training, but many people really struggle with either eating more or eating less. However, different cannabis strains can help increase your appetite OR suppress your appetite.

So in a general sense, if you want to reduce fat, you need to increase your cardio and eat a little less. But if you want to gain muscle you will want to incorporate weight lifting and you will need to have frequent meals throughout your day, eating more than usual. Whichever goal you are working toward, cannabis can support you in this area.

#6) Enhance your ability to manage pain.

To build muscle you need to push past those walls of resistance, discomfort and pain. Cannabis is excellent for easing away nerve pain, muscle tension and working with pain signaling throughout your nervous system. In other words, cannabis could help you take your workout a bit further, overcoming previous barriers of physical resistance. You can still sense the pain enough to prevent injury, but it’s much easier to cope and push through.

Mandee exercising on a leg press machine
Cannabis won’t give you physical superpowers, but the right dosage – for a lot of people – will enhance how the body and mind function.

#7) Boost your recovery time.

Your recovery period is an often overlooked yet important part of physical fitness and muscle growth. You need to make sure you are getting enough rest in between workouts so that your nervous system and muscles can recover not just their original strength but to add extra lean tissue as well.

It can be very uncomfortable to get proper rest when your muscles are sore and achy, and cannabis is known for being great at relieving pain and inflammation. Also when your body experiences high stress levels, it is not able to repair itself during this recovery period as well. However, cannabis is one of the best natural ways of alleviating stress and anxiety in your system.

Now there are many people that still believe the old stereotypes that cannabis users are lazy and unfit but as I mentioned earlier using cannabis has helped me to be in the best shape of my entire life. And it has helped plenty of other athletes, professional and otherwise.

It’s time the old stigma got dropped and people started to associate the cannabis user with someone who is healthy, active and a positive influence on society. I hope you give Cannabis and Fitness a try so you can experience this boost in your fitness for yourself as well.

And if you liked this article and video be sure to keep a look out for next week’s Part Two which will be on 4 Tips to Improve Your Fitness With Cannabis.

If you’ve tried using cannabis with physical fitness we would love to hear what your experience has been like in the comments below. This way we can all learn from each other as a community.

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