Medical cannabis has been slow-moving in Florida, and hopefully that will soon change.

It has been a long road for safe access in Florida. In 2014 Florida's Legislature approved a bill that legalized a very limited medical cannabis program. The program only permits low-THC medical cannabis in non-smokeable forms, and even then, only for a very limited number of conditions.

Also in November 2014, 58% of Florida voters approved a much more comprehensive medical cannabis initiative. Unfortunately, Florida law requires at least 60% of the vote in order for a medical cannabis initiative to become law, so the legislative version is what Florida residents currently have to work with.

Safe access finally becomes a reality

Florida's medical cannabis program was originally expected to get off the ground in 2015, with qualifying patients being able to frequent a dispensary and purchase low-THC medical cannabis. But due to various delays, patients waited all of 2015 with very little movement.

Finally, this week, Florida's first medical cannabis dispensary opened.Trulieve opened in Tallahassee this week, and while there wasn't a rush of customers the first day, the opening of the first medical cananbis dispensary in Florida's history is a significant thing.

Improvements hopefully on the horizon

Amendment 2 is on the ballot, again, in Florida. The initiative seeks to legalize medical cannabis on a much more comprehensive level than is currently legal in Florida. The initiative is an updated version compared to the 2014 intiative, but the same campaign, United for Care, is behind it.

The initiative includes many more conditions than are currently on the list in Florida, with more safe access points. The initiative also will allow for much more variety of cannabis medicines. Low-THC works for some, but not for all, and all Florida patients deserve to find relief in cannabis if they choose to do so and a doctor agrees.

Support the campaign

If you live in Florida, make sure to do your part and support the campaign. The 2014 effort lost by just roughly 2 percentage points. Leading up to November 2014, numerous polls had been conducted that showed the initiative winning. The same thing is true of this election cycle.

Just because polls are favorable does not mean that victory is guaranteed. Cannabis opponents are spending huge sums of money to fight the initiative, just as they did in 2014. Opponents are using classic prohibitionist tactics too, spreading reefer madness as much as they can.

You can find out how to help the campaign at this link here, and can check out the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Do your part if you live in Florida, and encourage other Florida residents to do the same!

Do you agree cannabis should be legalized?

Do you agree cannabis should be legalized?