Could cannabis really bring couples closer? Yes it can.

For a lot of couples, sex can get boring really fast.

What is supposed to be a naked channel of mind-blowing interconnection turns into something else.

Sex often becomes nothing more than a mutual answer to biological needs.

Or even worse, sex becomes one of those things that we hardly ever talk about – let alone do.

We see it in movies, see it on our computer screens, and we visualize it in our heads. But how can you find or rekindle that spark if you and your partner live in different worlds?

New couples can have this problem as well.

How can we get out of our heads and more into our bodies?

How can we let our guards down and open ourselves to each other emotionally and sensually?

That is where intimacy lies, and it’s what we all want for our relationships.

Many couples have found that bringing cannabis into the bedroom facilitates the very connection they want and need.

Combining Our Favorite Plant With Our Favorite Activity

Learning how to combine cannabis and sex can be a great way to navigate the sometimes tricky labyrinth of sexuality.

man and woman kissing

Cannabis can bring you and your partner closer than you’ve ever imagined.

“It’s difficult to open up and to bare your soul, the parts of you that are confused or that like another person,” says Dr. Nick Karras, sexologist and couples coach. “Sexuality is vulnerability.”

Dr. Karras has been studying sex and cannabis for some time, and he believes the two go very well together.

He’s found that while a lot of people use alcohol to loosen up their inhibitions before a sexual experience, cannabis can bring you to a much more potent place.

“Cannabis allows you to connect with other people, but from a place of acute awareness. It doesn’t allow you to lie to yourself in a sense,” he says. “Instead it allows you to be much more sensual.”

Lose the Inhibitions and Be Yourself

man and woman smoke cannabis together

After a few puffs it will be much easier to set aside everything else and focus on each other.

Carol from Vancouver has been using cannabis in the bedroom for more than 30 years. It has definitely kept her marriage fun and vibrant.

“Cannabis has never failed me. It helps me focus and all my inhibitions just drop away,” she says. “I use it to shift my energy from work or parenting into a more sensuous mood.”

Carol talks about how cannabis imbues her with a sense of happiness, optimism and joy -- feelings that she believes are an important part of not just sex but of living life.

“Most women are pretty self-conscious of body image or aging or whatever, and for me, cannabis totally strips that away,” she says. “It allows me to be myself and to be happy with who I am in the moment.”

The biggest thing, Carol says, is that everybody gives it a try and to be patient while you learn how cannabinoids interact with your body.

Practice and Experiment to Find Your Cannabis Mojo

man and woman in the bedroom

If cannabis doesn’t work well the first time, don’t be discouraged. It takes a little patience and experience to master this plant.

Pot use definitely takes some mindful experimenting to get it just right. With so many factors at play, it’s important not to give up after the first time.

Here are some of the variables you and your partner need to consider as you experiment:

  • Type of strain
  • Dosage level
  • Method of ingestion
  • User intent
  • Mindset and environment

Any one of these points can throw off your entire night if you aren’t prepared. So whatever happens, be patient, open-minded and supportive of each other.

Picking the Right Strain

For sex, some people prefer the head-high that comes with certain cannabis varieties, although most prefer a good body high.

Dr. Karras recommends a THC level of about 14 percent. But he also concedes that everybody is different and so will have different preferences.

It can take a bit of trial and error.

Some strains of cannabis can leave you in a state of couch-lock, which can be nice when you need to relax after a long day of work.

Other strains may result in an explosion of work-related ideas.

Sex would then be the last thing on your mind.

The other thing about picking the right strain is this: you and your partner could ingest the exact same herb and have completely different reactions. So it could take some time to find the right strain for you and your partner.

And as a starting point, you can always use strain review sites like


Can Cannabis Solve Our Sex & Intimacy Problems?

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The Perfect Dosage

The other thing to think about is dosage. Overdoing it could certainly derail your romantic plans for the evening.

“Dosage is very important, and usually in the bedroom less is more,” Dr. Karras says. “You want to get your intake just right so that you don’t go too far into your own head.”

In other words, ingesting too much cannabis could actually disconnect you and your partner.

But what about when the dosage is perfect?

“Get it just right and then you’ll be picking up on all these little nuances, you’ll be more attuned to the touch of the other’s skin, even hearing the rustle of your lover’s hair – pot accentuates those things.”

So start small (just one or two puffs if your smoking or vaping) and be careful not to take too much if you want to keep your romantic evening on track.

Choose Your Method of Ingestion

Experienced cannabis users tend to have a preferred method.

They know what works best for them.

And just as with choosing a strain, remember that this is about a shared intimate experience – you want the ingestion to be part of the foreplay.

man and woman kissing

A little bit of cannabis goes a long way in the bedroom. Take it light and you’ll be just right.

Certain methods of ingestion may be preferable over others, depending on your tastes. If you find you don’t like something in particular, know that you can later experiment with an alternative method and have completely different results.

1) Smoking: Still the most popular method, a lot of people like smoking because it’s easy and the effect is almost immediate, which can help you get your dosage just right. Whether you use a joint or a pipe, the cannabis effects will be pretty much the same.

marijuana joint green flower

Even if you’re used to smoking, your partner may not find this method of ingestion so agreeable.

The downside with smoking is that the coughing and burning throat could be a pretty big turn off, and the smoke could lead to lead to unwanted dryness for some.

2) Vaporizing: This is nice because you still get a pretty fast reaction and the vapor is much smoother than smoke. You can actually taste the floral bouquet of the herb's terpene profile, which is sexy all by itself compared to smoke.

What type of vaporizer you use can also make a difference. Whether it’s portable or a table-top model, you want something that is easy to handle and works well.

3) Edibles: These can be great for people who are looking for a good body high in the bedroom. But this particular delivery method can sometimes be a bit impractical, especially for cannabis newcomers.

auntie Dolores edibles

Edibles can be a lot of fun in the bedroom if you get the dosage and strain just right.

One potential issue is the delayed onset of any reaction. Depending on your metabolism, it can take an hour or more before you start to feel something. And if the dosage isn’t quite right, you either won’t feel enough or it will be too much.

Once you get the dosage right for edibles, however, this can make for a fantastic evening.

4) Tinctures: With a tincture of cannabis you get your herb in a form of alcohol solution. It is dispensed with an eyedropper usually directly under the tongue. You can also find these mixed with other bases such as MCT oil or olive oil.

Like edibles, this is an excellent way to achieve a good body high if that’s what you’re looking for. A little bit can go a long way here, so be careful to start slow so as to properly gauge your dose.

For some people, tinctures can take effect within minutes; for others, it’s about the same as with edibles. So, again, you’ve really got to experiment if you want to properly manage your expectations.

5) Topical cannabis: Cannabis-infused lubricants and massage oils are an emerging market and for good reason. Although applying cannabis topically does not result in any sort of psychoactive effect, it can still have a profound physical impact.

Foria pleasure

Do not underestimate the therapeutic qualities of a good cannabis topical. In the bedroom, FORIA for women can really amp things up.

FORIA is a perfect example of using topicals in the bedroom. Women who use FORIA's THC-based, all-natural lubricant claim to have stronger orgasms as well as greater access to the big O.

Worth a try, right?

Know Your Intentions When Using Pot

Clear intent is an important part of cannabis use on any occasion.

Knowing exactly what you want from this plant and the many cannabis effects is the best way to get the most out of its psychoactive properties.

The intention could be work-related; it could be to relax or to share an intimate moment with another person.

And of course, for newcomers, it’s impossible to exercise any kind of intent. How can you know when you’re first getting acquainted with how cannabis affects you?

And for most people, it does take a few times before they feel that first THC kick.

But once you’ve tried out a few different strains, you’ll be familiar enough with the herb to exercise exactly the intent you want for the bedroom.

The Ideal Mindset and Environment

man and woman sunset

If cannabis can bring you and your partner closer, it’s worth a shot.

When we use pot, we want our mindset and our environment to be totally conducive to a positive outcome. We call this aspect of the psychoactive state set and setting.

Mood and atmosphere can affect your entire cannabis experience.

Once you feel comfortable using cannabis, here are some ways to really play up the set and setting for an amazing sexual experience.

1) Create a Sexy Environment:

One of the reasons why sex can become so monotonous is that we often forget about our environment. A little effort here can go a long way in making a better connection with your partner.

The ideal space will be clean and well organized. You can also fix the lighting for a more romantic atmosphere. Not too bright, not too dark.

Adding aromatherapy to the chemistry can yield very sexy results. Why not burn candles and essential oils to fill the room with an enchanting fragrance? The best scents can also work as a natural aphrodisiac.

romantic candles

Going out of your way to set up a romantic atmosphere will make for a memorable evening.

Fruits like strawberries or grapes can also be sensual and a great way to further indulge your senses while on cannabis. And don’t forget the H2O, because you and your partner will no doubt get thirsty.

If you’re feeling extra romantic, you could even arrange rose petals about the room.

2) Play Sensual Music:

Music can also go a long way in setting the mood. In fact, our brains enjoy music just as much as drugs, food and sex. So here’s your chance to do all four at once!

Prepare a few albums or even a playlist on your stereo or smartphone to make the evening totally unforgettable. Just don’t forget to mute incoming calls.

Here are a few possible music suggestions:

  • 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack
  • Delilah
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Rihanna
  • The xx

3) Create Anticipation:

Text your man or woman earlier in the day with something like “Cannabis Date Night?” or “Cannabis and Bedroom tonight?”

You two will be thinking about each other all day, and it will create a great sense of anticipation for an exciting night.

4) Relax and Allow Yourself to Enjoy:

Sex is all about being in the present moment. So set your intention to really enjoy your lovemaking session. It will be rich with sensation, connection, and more.

Do You Enjoy Intimacy on Cannabis?

man pushes woman on the swing

Long-time cannabis users believe that the herb keeps them young, fresh and happy.

For many couples, mixing cannabis and sex can provide that missing element in the bedroom.

If you’re new to cannabis, it takes patience and a willingness to experiment on more than one occasion.

If you can master the plant, your sex life will stay strong well into your golden years.

“Using marijuana with sex, I feel playful and young – I feel alive to the possibility of pleasure in my life and more importantly coming closer to my partner!” Carol says.

“In that moment when we allow ourselves to get crazy, we turn the music up and we dance, and we focus on each other – it’s a beautiful thing.”

If you're interested in sex and cannabis, check out Green Flower's online course with Dr. Jordan Tishler with your partner today: “Can Cannabis Solve Our Sex & Intimacy Problems?”

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