In his online class “How Cannabis Works in Your Body” Michael Backes will blow your mind (in a good way).

Cannabinoids, terpenes, strain varieties, the endocannabinoid system, drug interactions, and so much more. Throughout the class, Backes gives us a panoramic snapshot of what we currently know about the science of cannabis in the human body.

How Much Cannabis Are You Wasting?

During the Q&A segment of the class, Backes gets into some really interesting tips about how to increase efficiency when administering a dose of cannabis.

And he shows us how a lot of people are actually wasting cannabis in ways you may not have considered. I know he definitely made me rethink my approach to smoking/vaping.

And this is just a small fraction of the invaluable info Backes delivers throughout the course.

Who is Michael Backes?

Michael Backes is the author of one of the best books on cannabis called Cannabis Pharmacy: the Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana. He was also a founder of the first evidence-based medical cannabis collective in California, and he continues to be a significant force in the forward movement of cannabis science.

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Do you prefer to smoke or vaporize cannabis?

Do you prefer to smoke or vaporize cannabis?