Post-traumatic stress disorder affects at least 8% of Americans at any given time. That’s approximately 24.4 million people from all backgrounds: combat veterans, emergency responders, victims of violence and abuse – almost anybody who’s experienced a highly traumatic situation.

PTSD can be a devastating condition with a symptom cluster that includes depression, anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, stress, and more. When these symptoms are not effectively managed, they can completely interfere with a person’s quality of life, family, relationships, and work.

Bryan Krumm, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, works with more than 1000+ PTSD patients through New Mexico’s medical cannabis program.

Krumm is one of the country’s leading experts on alternative treatments for psychiatric disorders, and he’s found that cannabis is the ONLY medication that effectively addresses these symptom clusters in PTSD patients – and can help prevent suicide.

“In my practice, cannabis has proven to be the most consistent way to rapidly decrease suicidality and to help prevent it from coming back,” Krumm says.

“Unmanaged PTSD symptoms are highly correlated with suicide, which has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. We lose over 100 citizens every day to suicide – 22 of those are veterans.”

It’s intense to hear a statistic like that, but Krumm’s next comment really hurts:

“We’ve lost more active duty troops to suicide than we have to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS combined,” he says.

For Krumm, there is a sense of urgency in getting the message out, educating people and changing cannabis laws so that everybody has safe access to this medicine.

Krumm helped write New Mexico’s medical cannabis law and he continues to petition the DEA to remove cannabis from its list of Schedule I substances.

He also has an online course with Green Flower called: Cannabis & PTSD: How to Heal from Traumatic Events in Your Life.

This online class includes detailed information on how PTSD affects the mind and body, why cannabis is the #1 treatment over pharmaceuticals, as well as tips and dosing strategies for treating PTSD with cannabis.

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Do you use cannabis to treat PTSD?

Do you use cannabis to treat PTSD?

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