One of my favorite thought leaders in the cannabis space is philosopher, author, artist, and researcher Sebastian Marincolo.

He has spent a lot of time researching, teaching, and writing about the cannabis high. Through his work, Sebastian has found what he calls a “bouquet of cognitive effects” possible with cannabis.

I experience all 10 of these cannabis effects quite regularly and agree with Sebastian that none of it comes about automatically.

Maybe you’ll recognize at least a few of these cognitive effects from your own experience with cannabis:

  • Hyperfocus of attention
  • Enhanced episodic memory retrieval
  • Intensified imagination
  • Mind racing and time perception prolongation
  • Enhanced pattern recognition
  • Enhanced body perception
  • Enhanced introspection
  • Enhanced empathic understanding
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Insights and the “aha” experience

How to Unlock All 10 Cognitive Effects

Cannabis does not provide total enhancement, so you cannot unlock all 10 effects at the same time.

For instance, the amount of cannabis I use for a creative brainstorm or problem-solving session would be different then what I may use to compose an article or paint a picture.

This is why intent is so important, knowing exactly why you want to use cannabis and what your goals are.

Knowing your intent will allow you to make important choices about the time and place you choose to experiment with cannabis, how much you use, and even what type of cannabis you use.

Discovering what works for you and what doesn’t is an important part of the process as you learn to get the most out of this plant.

Learn More from Sebastian Marincolo and Other Cannabis Experts

Sebastian does a great job of breaking all this down in his Green Flower live class “How to Use Cannabis to Unlock Your Creativity.”

He talks about how to zero in on the cognitive effects you’re looking for, how to experiment and find new benefits with cannabis, and also what to avoid.

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Which cognitive effects do you use cannabis for? Have you experienced all 10? Are there any effects you would like to experience but haven’t yet achieved? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

Do you enjoy the cognitive effects of cannabis?

Do you enjoy the cognitive effects of cannabis?