The 10-day Cannabis Health Challenge starts on January 14, and we have got some very big names joining the fun including Eugene Monroe, Steve DeAngelo, Jessica Peters, Aaron Justis, and Jim McAlpine.

And here’s the real question: are you going to join the challenge as we prove to the world (and ourselves) that cannabis is a powerful tool for health and wellness?

Why a Health Challenge around Cannabis?

Cannabis consumers from across the globe are joining together for Green Flower’s 2017 Cannabis Health Challenge to once and for all prove that cannabis can have a postive impact.

We believe that cannabis can be effectively used as a tool for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being – and we intend to prove it to the world and to ourselves.

And we want you to prove it too, as we come together as a community to forever change the global perception of this amazing plant.

What better way to do that than through this challenge? Let’s go!

Watch the Cannabis Health Challenge trailer:

Cannabis Health Challenge Details!

CHC kicks off on January 14 and will involve 10 days’ worth of cannabis-fueled challenges around nutrition, exercise, and reflection.

Here are some of the details to get you pumped up and ready to go:

  • Interact and exchange cannabis tips/strategies with other participants and special guests through the Green Flower INSIDER platform.
  • The challenge is for newcomers and veterans alike! Fun, easy, and accessible no matter your experience with cannabis or personal development.
  • Score points with every challenge you complete!
  • Join INSIDER to participate in the challenge (which will also unlock our entire library of credible cannabis classes for you to watch anytime)

If you’re ready to take on the Cannabis Health Challenge and you want to be at your very best in 2017, we will see you on Day 1 this January 14!

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