The differences between cannabis oil versus hemp oil continue to be a hot topic of debate within certain circles of the cannabis world.

In the video excerpt above, Martin Lee of Project CBD, elaborates on a few of the disadvantages with CBD-rich extracts from hemp.

One key disadvantage is the fact that hemp generally contains very low amounts of CBD, which means more plant material is needed to create an extract.

This raises the risk of contamination – not only because hemp is a bioaccumulator that sucks heavy metals up from the earth, but also due to the extra solvents that may be used to process all that plant matter.

And to be fair, contaminants can also be an issue with cannabis. So no matter which product you’re using, you want to be extra careful to make sure it comes from a reputable source and has been screened for contaminants through accurate lab testing.

Positive Outcomes with Hemp-based Products

Although most experts tend to agree that cannabis-derived extracts are a far superior medicine compared to hemp extracts, at the end of the day it’s really about whatever works best for you.

Indeed, we at Green Flower have received reports of successful outcomes with hemp-based CBD products, particularly in the pet world (animals have endocannabinoid systems too and dogs are especially sensitive to THC).

Pet owners have had positive experiences with CBD-rich dog snacks based from hemp. And one holistic veterinarian we talked to was very surprised when hemp CBD oil helped significantly shrink a tumor on a canine’s tongue.

And if you're looking, there are safe, verified sources for clean hemp oil such as CW Botanicals (run by the Stanley brothers of Charlotte’s Web fame).

Finding the Right Product for You

Cannabis is an extremely versatile medicine, and no matter which benefits or outcomes you are seeking, there are many options and combinations out there that may work much better for you.

If you try one product and don’t get the results you’re looking for, don’t give up. You can try different doses or a different product altogether.

Getting the most benefits out of cannabis always requires a process of trial and error, and part of our mission at Green Flower is to give you the education you need to help you navigate that process in a much faster, more informed way.

If you want to learn more about CBD specifically, we highly recommend you check out Martin Lee’s entire online class "CBD 101: What You Need to Know about Cannabidiol" – only on Green Flower INSIDER.