Members of the media crowding in for interview
Mainstream media coverage could be the break your business is waiting for.

Getting mainstream press can be a huge catalyst to the growth and success of your business. Cannabis is a hot topic right now and national media outlets are placing increased focus on this new industry.

Yet getting your brand out there can be a tough nut to crack. Business and lifestyle magazines, TV shows, mega-blogs – how do you score that game-changing feature, segment, or interview?

How do you rise above the noise and truly establish meaningful relationships with mainstream cannabis beat writers for repeated coverage?

Meet The Guy Who Will Show You How

“Educate, don’t sell,” says Matt Rizzetta, CEO of North 6th Agency (N6A), the fastest growing PR agency in its category  – and one of the first national agencies of its size to launch a dedicated cannabis practice.

N6A’s cannabis client portfolio includes companies like Green Flower Media, Canopy , Poseidon Asset Management, Wurk, VapeXhale, Tradiv, Jetty Extracts, and Quigley’s.

According to Rizzetta, 90% of N6A’s cannabis clients have achieved greater media market share over their competitors within 90 days of engaging with N6A. That’s more than enough to leave most entrepreneurs drooling.

Are You Ready to Go Mainstream?

“Cannabis businesses are finally starting to understand the value and importance of going beyond trade publications when it comes to media footprint and exposure,” Rizzetta says.

And of course pitching a media outlet outside of the cannabis industry is a lot easier if you know what you’re doing, what to expect, who to connect with, and how to talk to them.

“If you’re pitching these reporters, you need to understand their ‘love language’ and how they like to be pitched on your business,” Rizzetta says. “Reporters never like to feel pressured to cover a story, and interviews can take days or even weeks to come together.”

If you’ve ever struggled to land press opportunities for your business, Rizzetta has plenty more advice to give you. In fact, he’s packaged it all in a new online class with Green Flower: How to Get National Press for Your Cannabis Business.

Understanding the Media Landscape

The great thing about a PR agency like N6A is they understand cannabis and are not a cannabis-only agency. Working with clients across 20 different industries has given them a 360-degree understanding of the media landscape at all levels.

Because the cannabis industry is still so young, mainstream press looks for thought leaders and educators, Rizzetta says. “You’ll find a lot of cannabis beat reporters who are learning the intricacies of the industry themselves, and as such, sources they turn to in the Rolodex are the ones who they feel will help educate them on cannabis.”

If reporters see you as a cannabis educator, Rizzetta continues, they’ll keep coming back to you for quotes, which translates into immediate brand visibility and trust.

Establishing Meaningful Connections in Mainstream Media

Establishing a meaningful connection with mainstream media outlets can add tremendous value to the growth of your business and to the cannabis industry itself. It’s one of the reasons Rizzetta is so passionate about working with cannabis entrepreneurs.

Heightened media exposure, he says, can help your business achieve specific goals: sales growth, lead generation, fundraising objectives, recruiting, and more.

This is exactly why Green Flower has teamed up with Rizzetta and N6A to create a new online class – to help you raise national awareness of your business, mainstream attention, and achieve your goals.

Do you want to learn more about growing a cannabis business?

Do you want to learn more about growing a cannabis business?