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Everybody deserves access to safe, clean cannabis -- free of contaminants.

Untested cannabis is not safe, plain and simple. You have no idea what contaminants might be on there: pesticides, mildew, fungus, insect eggs, dirt, and more.

This is no doubt one of the more pressing challenges facing the cannabis industry today. And it’s not just about the industry. It’s about having access to CLEAN medicine, safe medicine, accurately labeled medicine.

The tragic death of a cancer patient (linked to contaminated cannabis) at UC Davis Medical Center last month serves as an urgent reminder to all of us that we need to get on top of this.

Regulating cannabis lab testing is not easy because states have different regulations, many cannabis labs are simply incompetent, and you’ve got cannabis vendors who will “lab shop,” sticking with the lab that is unable or willing to overlook positive results for something like mold.

And, unfortunately, we are also seeing the same fudged results with potency testing as well, which has a significant impact on desired effects and expected outcomes.

How You Can Become an Educated Consumer

No need to panic though. There is hope. Guidance. Some of the top cannabis scientists in the country are working very hard to educate people and raise the standards of quality and assurance industry-wide.

One of these leaders in the world of cannabis-lab-testing-done-right is Dr. Donald Land, Chief Science Consultant at Steep Hill. Steep Hill is one of the most respected cannabis labs in the U.S. and worked with physicians on the UC Davis investigation.

Dr. Land has teamed up with Green Flower to create a new online class showing you everything you need to know about lab testing today.

This is for patients, caregivers, consumers, clinicians, vendors – everybody interested in cannabis.

Dr. Land covers important questions such as:

  • What’s the difference between cannabis safety and potency tests? Which tests are important to your cannabis usage?
  • What’s the difference between testing cannabis and other forms of food or medicine?
  • Whether online or through a dispensary, how do you ensure your cannabis products are being tested?
  • What are the margins for error with cannabis testing and why is this important to understand?
  • Are there measurable differences between cannabis strains and why they affect people differently?
  • What are terpenoids and how do they affect the medicinal qualities of cannabis?
  • Why it’s crucial that cannabis consumers and industry professionals take cannabis testing seriously.

This important online class is now streaming on Green Flower Insider. Please click here to learn more details: What You Need to Know about Cannabis Lab Testing.

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Cannabis education involves all of us.

Are you 100% certain your cannabis is contaminant-free?

Are you 100% certain your cannabis is contaminant-free?