Expert panel at the Cannabis Health Summit‚Äč
Steve DeAngelo, Dr. Dustin Sulak, Dr. Donald Land, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal and Max Simon explore important questions about cannabis during this expert panel at the Cannabis Health Summit.

The first virtual Cannabis Health Summit saw some of the world’s top experts, physicians, researchers and entrepreneurs reveal some amazing things about cannabis and health.

Viewers hailed it as the "TED Talks of Cannabis" with two day's worth of 22-minute talks on important topics such cannabis and cancer, PTSD, opiate addiction, pain management, cannabis and pets, and so much more.

Very exciting if you want to learn about cannabis and health today.

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Just to give you a taste, here are highlights from 4 of the Summit’s eye-opening presentations...

#1) Your More Effective Cannabis Dosing Strategy

Dustin Sulak shared some practical insights about the ins and outs of cannabis dosing from his experience working with 18,000+ medical cannabis patients in Maine.

#2) Treating Cancer with Cannabis

So many people are wondering: does cannabis kill cancer cells or not? Mara Gordon has seen it firsthand, including in many of her 650+ patients.

#3) CBD: A Game-Changer for Medical Marijuana

CBD has completely changed the face of medical marijuana. But with so much confusion about how CBD actually works, it’s nice to have Martin Lee of Project CBD clarify what we do know about CBD.

#4) The Unspoken Wellness Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis is much more than just getting high. In this talk, Steve DeAngelo talks about all the different ways cannabis can enhance our lives for the better when used mindfully.

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