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Mass growers will never be able to achieve the level quality and purity as craft, artisan cannabis growers.

Before I tell you about this new online class currently streaming on Green Flower INSIDER, let’s set the record straight. I’ve been consuming cannabis for about two decades, and this beautiful plant adds tremendous value to my life – physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Like a lot of people, I’ve experienced the difference between low-quality cannabis and well-cultivated, amazing, out of this world cannabis. The contrast is like night and day.

Understanding and experiencing the exponential difference, the increased benefits, the enhanced effects – I’m very passionate about the good stuff.

The best, cleanest cannabis varieties I’ve ever consumed were all from ‘craft cannabis’ grows, small-batch cultivators. These small farmers know how to produce the best cannabis around, however many of them are very concerned about the industrialization of cannabis – mass growers coming in and wiping them out.

This concern is very real and well-justified. It’s also the threshold of an amazing opportunity. IF small cannabis farmers can learn how to embrace new business models, they can thrive in the legal industry.

We see the same thing with micro-brewers finding their niche in the alcohol industry, attracting customers who appreciate premium quality and sustainability.

As more people learn to enjoy the freedoms of legal cannabis, more of them will also understand the significant difference between small-batch craft cannabis and mass-produced cannabis.

People are looking for top-quality cannabis products

There will always be people willing to pay for top-shelf cannabis products, and this demographic is going to skyrocket as cannabis is further legitimized.

So if you’re a small-time grower or would like to start or accelerate a craft cannabis brand, the question is this: how can you embrace a new, sustainable business model in today’s legal landscape? How can the small farmer carve out his or her niche in this brave new universe of legal cannabis?

To help artisan growers and investors answer this question, Green Flower has teamed up with one of the Emerald Triangle’s most legendary artisan cultivators – Swami Chaitanya, founder and cultivator of Swami Select – to create a new online class: How Craft Cannabis Farms Can Thrive in Changing Times.

In this class, Swami shares the secrets every craft cannabis cultivator should know, including:

  • How mass-production results in poor quality, and how this is advantageous to the small-batch farmer.
  • How to build your cannabis brand, even if you’re a neophyte cultivator, with great tips on developing your mission and vision, designing your logo, embracing social media, and more.
  • Smart ways to garner cooperation between farms, local groups, farmers’ co-ops and trade organizations to increase distribution and build networking communities.
  • How to navigate county and state regulations and zoning, not only in CA, but globally.

This is a must-see class for anyone considering starting or accelerating their own craft cannabis operation and making it thrive in today’s business landscape.

The new class is now streaming on Green Flower INSIDER. If you want to learn more, visit: How Craft Cannabis Farms Can Thrive in Changing Times.

Which type of cannabis would you prefer?

Which type of cannabis would you prefer?

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