Doctors performing a surgery
How to use cannabis in conjuction with Western medicine?

I'll tell you about this new online class in a minute (debuting in a free live-stream on March 30), but first I think most of us could agree on this: surgery of any kind can be a scary thing. Something’s gone wrong with the body and the doctors are telling you the only way to fix this is by cutting you open. Sometimes surgeries are successful, sometimes they’re not – and recovery is almost always painful.

To help you manage the pain, most doctors will write you a prescription for an opioid pain killer: Oxycodone, Gabapentin, Fentanyl, just to name a few.

Although these pharmaceuticals can be helpful, they can also be highly addictive, which is dangerous because too many opiates will shut down your brain stem, a fatal reaction.

As you may know opioid prescriptions and opioid overdoses have both quadrupled in the past 15 years. We could go on at length about the sheer tragedy of the opioid epidemic, how it’s caused a surge in opiate abuse (including heroin) even in high-income families, or how 91 people each day die from a fatal opiate overdose.

And even in the cases where patients manage to avoid opioid addiction, these chemicals can still be very harsh and unpleasant, not always so effective in relieving our pain. They can make you sick, interfere with breathing, lead to constipation, and more.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 48 million inpatient surgeries were performed in the U.S. in 2009. Obviously not all of these surgeries would include a follow-up prescription to opioids, but for the ones that do – is there another option? A better option?

Something that’s non-addictive, all-natural, and won’t kill you if you take too much?

What you need to know about using cannabis for pain management before and after surgery

On Thursday, March 30 you can watch the free live-stream debut of this new online class with cannabis expert Nikki Lastreto, co-founder of Swami Select.

Nikki was able to wean herself off opioids after surgery thanks to cannabis, and she’s going to tell you exactly how she did it (and what she learned along the way).

In this new online class, she’ll show you how patients and doctors can work together within Western medicine to combine cannabis with traditional therapies for better pain management and faster healing.

This is a very personal live class – a must-watch for patients, clinicians, caregivers, nurses, physicians, and cannabis vendors (budtenders).

Nikki will cover things like:

  • How to manage pain pre- and post-op, using cannabis in place of, or conjunction with, traditional therapies.
  • How to find a doctor who will embrace your personal choice for cannabis instead of opiates.
  • What type of natural products you should consider using as alternatives to harsh pharmaceuticals.
  • Contraindications to be aware of when using CBD/THC and what to avoid.
  • How to talk to your doctor and other healthcare professionals about the benefits of cannabis for pain management (they might be more curious than you think).
  • And much more

You can now find this online class Using Cannabis to Manage Pre & Post-Op Surgery Pain & Inflammation: One Patient’s Journey streaming 24/7 on Green Flower INSIDER.

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