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Cannabis is much more than recreational vs. medical.

If you’ve ever cultivated a healthy relationship with cannabis then you likely know it can be used in many different ways.

Defining cannabis use as either medical or recreational creates a dichotomy that skips over a lot of the benefits people experience with this plant every day.

Steve DeAngelo did a great job of outlining these overlooked wellness benefits during the 2016 online Cannabis Health Summit, and he'll be one of 30+ experts at this year's online Summit (May 6-7), which you can register to watch free.

In 2016 however Steve talked about how cannabis has the ability to:

  • Spark creativity
  • Extend patience
  • Encourage wonder, play & openness to spirit
  • Enhance flavor, sound & touch
  • Open the mind
  • Bring poetry to language
  • Spontaneity to a performer
  • Catalyze laughter
  • Facilitate friendship
  • Bridge human differences

I have confirmed all of these in my own experience with cannabis over the past 20 years.

Respect the plant and it can add serious value to many aspects of a person’s life.

This ancient herb can inspire life-changing epiphanies, humility and self-correction.

The word ‘recreational’ skips over all of that, which we don’t want.

This is why the term ‘adult-use’ is much more accurate. And it leaves greater room for people to learn about and experiment with and discover these benefits for themselves.

Phasing out the Term ‘Recreational’

What are your favorite benefits of cannabis?

As the writer Mark Twain once said, the difference between the right word and the wrong word is like comparing a firefly to a lightning strike.

Simply put: the term “recreational marijuana” or “recreational cannabis” does a lot of damage. It severely limits the growing perception of this plant and the many ways people use it.

If we can universally adopt “adult-use” and phase out the term “recreational,” it will also take a lot of wind out of prohibitionist rhetoric.

Imagine Sean Spicer or Jeff Sessions or any other prohibitionist harping against “adult-use cannabis” rather than “recreational marijuana” and their words become all the more absurd.

Imagine yourself adopting the more appropriate terminology, allowing you to engage in cannabis dialogues with a greater sense of confidence.

Imagine asking others to use the appropriate term: friends, family, colleagues, members of the press, policymakers.

I once heard Steve DeAngelo talking to a reporter. And the reporter’s first question, he used the words “recreational marijuana,” and Steve gently replied something like: I’d prefer you use term adult-use because the term recreational doesn’t fully represent all the benefits people gain from cannabis.

That’s a great example for us all to follow.

The words we use go a long way in shaping thought, perception, and attitude. If you want to help dissolve the psychological roots left by prohibition, you can encourage others to use the term “adult-use” rather than “recreational” in your cannabis conversations.

BONUS: Watch Steve DeAngelo’s entire talk from CHS 2016:

We are working to educate people about cannabis, to de-stigmatize and legitimize. Getting the language right is a big part of that.

Adults have the right to alter their state of mind and have been doing so for millennia.

If you want to join the growing movement of cannabis education, you can watch Steve DeAngelo with 30+ other speakers at Cannabis Health Summit 2017, live-streaming for FREE on May 6-7.

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Which term do you think is best?

Which term do you think is best?