The Cannabis Topicals Panel during this past weekend’s Cannabis Health Summit featured founders from a few of the industry’s most respected topical manufacturers.

Specifically, we got to hear from:

  • Didi Davis – Sweet Releaf
  • Maya Elisabeth – Whoopi & Maya
  • Dahlia Mertens – Mary’s Medicinals

Most people are still quite new to cannabis topicals and have a lot of important questions. And so we really appreciated this deep-dive curiosity conversation with some of the top experts in the field.

They shared intimate details about points like:

  • What goes into making a quality topical
  • How to distinguish good quality topicals in the marketplace
  • How topicals actually work and what conditions they can help treat
  • How to make your own topicals at home
  • Jaw-dropping stories from patients who have experienced life-changing benefits

The patient stories they shared were so emotional and miraculous even, but really these aren’t miracles at all. The science behind why these cannabis products work so well is very real, as discussed during the panel.

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Do you like cannabis topicals?

Do you like cannabis topicals?

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