How often do you get to hear a New York Times best-selling author like Gay Hendricks share their experience and wisdom about cannabis, healing, and creativity?

What I really liked about Gay’s talk during the 2017 Cannabis Health Summit this past weekend was how he related creativity to personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

These are important parts of our lives that do require out-of-the-box thinking if we want to approach them with a sense of appreciation, curiosity, and meaningful life progress.

Throughout his talk, Gay shared specific examples in how cannabis has contributed to his perspective and allowed him to better navigate pivotal challenges in his life (plus how it alleviates the arthritis in his hands so he can write).

As he says, with any personal growth medium -- cannabis or otherwise -- you want to make sure that it hits you the right way.

  • Does it put you in touch with the truth of yourself?
  • Does it connect you more with who you really are?
  • Does it enable you to shift perspective and look beyond your programmed thinking?
  • Does it feel harmonious to your body?

These are important questions that, when related to cannabis, touch upon this plant’s ability to heal in more ways than one.

Usually when we think about cannabis + health, we think about specific conditions like chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, cancer, PTSD, and on and on.

And yet, as Gay illustrated throughout his talk at CHS 2017, our relationship with the self and the people around us is equally important for health, which is why personal growth is so vital.

Gay Hendricks speaking at CHS 2017

We all face challenges in our personal lives at almost any given moment. Gay is just one of millions to discover how cannabis – when used mindfully – can really help navigate those challenges as we strive for health, happiness, and harmony.

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Do you think cannabis can help with personal growth and creativity?

Do you think cannabis can help with personal growth and creativity?

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