How often do you get to hear two NFL players and a UFC champion go into fine detail about how they use cannabis to work out, heal, and take better care of their bodies?

During Cannabis Health Summit 2017, we got to see this panel “Why Cannabis for Athletes Is a Big Deal,” and it brought up a lot of interesting questions and insights about using cannabis as medicine.

Retired NFL players Eugene Monroe, Eben Britton and former UFC champion Bas Rutten all shared their truth about how cannabis has had such an enormous impact on their lives. Three people who have competed at the highest levels in sport – constantly testing the endurance of their bodies and minds.

They may seem super human, but these gladiators are mortal, too. They are almost always dealing with some kind of injury, inflammation, and chronic pain.

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How These Athletes Are Using Cannabis

It was fascinating to listen to these three talk about how cannabis allowed them to move away from anti-inflammatories and painkillers.

We heard them go into explicit detail about their cannabis regimens, and what they’ve learned about this plant through experience and research.

Listening to them talk about how they use cannabis-infused salves on aching joints, how they ingest edibles before workouts, how they use cannabis for post workout recoveries, or to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated – you really have to wonder what all the professional sports authorities and team owners are afraid of…

Wouldn’t they want something that contributed to the health, well-being, and longevity of their athletes?

Cannabis Education Is the Key To Crushing Stigma

It all comes down to education. Educating ourselves and each other on how cannabis actually works, what you need to know, how to get the most benefits, what to avoid – there are a ton of nuances about this plant, and a lot of misconceptions.

Eugene Monroe

Most of us have a lot to learn about how we can get the most value out of this plant in our lives – ranging from the personal all the way to the global level.

That’s what we love about the Cannabis Health Summit in that it brings together the top cannabis experts, researchers, scientists, physicians, growers, thought leaders – all onto one stage in the name of cannabis education, sharing their cannabis truth and knowledge with you, and working together to dispel the myths, crush the stigma, and spark change.

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Should athletes be allowed to use cannabis?

Should athletes be allowed to use cannabis?

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