It’s no coincidence that cannabis cup judges – during blind taste tests – tend to award strains that are almost double in terpene content, as Josh Wurzer of SC Labs pointed out during the Cannabis Health Summit video excerpt above.

That’s right, the top-awarded cannabis varieties are all about terpenes – not crazy high levels of THC.

For a lot of cannabis lovers, this may come as a surprise.

Terpenes are the plant molecules that explain why cannabis varieties give off so many different aromas: fruity, piney, earthy, minty and so on. Cannabis has more terpene variations than perhaps any other plant species!

Terpene profiles in cannabis aren’t just responsible for the smell and flavor of a specific variety. They also help determine the mood, feel, and tone of the cannabis you’re consuming. Some terpene profiles will make you feel relaxed and sleepy, while others may give you an energy boost and promote focus.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for specific or interesting effects with your cannabis, you want to pay close attention to the terpene profiles – not just THC content.

Learning How to Get the Most Out Of Terpenes

Terpene profiles can create all sorts of variations in the cannabis experience.

During the initial stages of the cannabis industry, most of the focus was on THC levels. People didn’t really think about terpenes.

Even today, most labs still don’t test for terpene profiles, which I agree really is a huge disservice to consumers and the industry as a whole.

So, which terpenes do you look for and what do you do if you live in an area where there is no cannabis lab that can test for terpene profiles?

Throughout his talk at CHS 2017, Josh Wurzer steps away from his cannabis testing lab to give very practical tips on different terpenes and how you can identify terpene profiles with your nose – what to smell for (fruity versus piney or minty), depending on the desired effect.

Wurzer also gave some interesting tips on how dispensaries can better categorize cannabis products based on the effects caused by specific terpene categories.

Watch Josh Wurzer’s Entire Talk Now

More people are catching on to the significance of terpenes and how they are such an important part of getting the most benefits out of cannabis.

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Do you love the smell of good cannabis?

Do you love the smell of good cannabis?

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