Are you gettting the most out of CBD and cannabis?

Green Flower’s recent CBD Summit covered a lot of ground, such as how CBD works and how to determine quality products.

The Summit covered plenty of other aspects about cannabis and CBD as well.

Pain was a topic that came up several times, and it’s the number one reason why people turn to cannabis.

Here’s a snippet of what one of the expert panels had to say about developing cannabis and CBD protocols to treat painful conditions…

How to Navigate the Trial and Error Process

This was another crucial topic that came up during the Summit.

Almost all medications require a bit of trial and error if you’re going to find your perfect regimen. Cannabis is no different, although many times people grow impatient and quit too soon!

This is one of our biggest concerns with cannabis as medicine, because in most cases the right cannabis protocol can make a world of difference for a person’s health and well-being.

Here’s a key highlight from the Summit on how you can best cultivate your CBD or cannabis regimen…

These highlights barely scratch the surface of what we covered during the three-hour CBD Summit...

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