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Humankind has been using cannabis for 10,000 years. Let's talk about that.

Humans have been consuming cannabis for thousands of years for a multitude of personal reasons.

The fact that this ancient plant has been prohibited for the last eight decades hasn't stopped people.

But why? Why do so many all over the planet risk their freedom to consume cannabis?

We could look at the medical aspect of cannabis benefits, which are well-documented through peer-to-peer research studies

However there are other wellness benefits, which are tougher to quantify.

Cannabis benefits are more complex than “recreational versus medical”

My favorite explanation of consuming cannabis for wellness purposes comes from Andrew DeAngelo when he appeared on the hit TV show Weed Wars which aired on Discovery Channel.

"I don't just consume cannabis when I am sick. I also consume cannabis to 'be well'." Andrew stated on the show.

Andrew's brother, long time cannabis advocate and expert Steve DeAngelo, covered this topic during his talk at Green Flower’s 2016 Cannabis Health Summit:

Cannabis as a life enhancer

Steve DeAngelo is one of many people who prove all those harmful lazy stoner cannabis stereotypes wrong.

He is one of the most experienced cannabis consumers on the planet, having been a cannabis activist for a number of decades, and currently running one of the largest dispensaries in the world (Harborside Health Center).

DeAngelo has stated during a number of keynote speeches and in interviews that cannabis has helped him be a more patient person, a more caring lover, and a more creative entrepreneur.

Those are all wellness benefits from cannabis.

What kind of wellness benefits are you gaining from cannabis? What questions do you have? How can we take your awareness of this plant to the next level?

Learn how to get the most out of cannabis

Steve DeAngelo was one of 20+ expert speakers to take the stage at the 2016 Cannabis Health Summit. Physicians, scientists, researchers, practitioners talking about several cannabis benefits, and also getting very detailed about things like:

  • Cannabis Dosing
  • Cannabis Delivery Methods
  • Cannabis & Cancer
  • Cannabis & PTSD
  • Cannabis & Sex
  • How to talk about cannabis
  • Cannabis for Inflammation & Arthritis

And much more about cannabis and health today...understanding how it all works.

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Do you think that all cannabis use is for wellness purposes?

Do you think that all cannabis use is for wellness purposes?

yes - all cannabis use is for wellness purposes
no - not all cannabis use is for wellness purposes