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Are you ready to grow your own cannabis?

Cultivating your own cannabis can be one of the most rewarding endeavors on which you’ll ever embark.

The benefits of growing your own are actually more expansive than you might realize.

This is especially a hot topic now that so many states have laws allowing for personal cultivation:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington all have laws allowing people to legally grow their own cannabis at home.

If you are reading this article and live in a legal state, chances are you are thinking about growing your own cannabis.

Growing mediocre, low-quality cannabis isn’t all that hard.

However, if you want to grow amazing, out-of-this-world cannabis – some expert guidance will be worth your while.

This is exactly why Green Flower created Growers Quest, where we take you into the personal gardens and grow operations of Master Growers for their best tips, secrets and strategies – must-have guidance no matter what your experience is with cannabis cultivation.

It grows like a weed, right?

This is not cannabis.

If you have spent any time online looking for information on how to get started growing cannabis, you have probably come across the phrase 'it grows like a weed.'

How much of that is reality and how much of it is just wishful thinking?

You can talk to any veteran cannabis grower and they will be quick to tell you that cultivating cannabis is nothing like growing a weed in your garden.

Yes, a slang term for cannabis is 'weed' and that slang term is very popular. So popular that it has skewed people's perception on what it takes to successfully grow cannabis.

Anyone who has spent any time gardening knows that weeds can grow without any attention or nutrients.

Growing quality cannabis is not nearly that simple.

Why does this matter?

Mediocre cannabis versus quality cannabis

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What kind of cannabis do you want to grow?

Cultivating a stringy cannabis plant that doesn't yield anything but is technically still alive?

Almost anybody could do that.

On the other hand, if you want to grow quality cannabis that you can truly be proud of and that adds value to you and the people in your life…

That’s a different story.

Going from start to finish and harvesting your own cannabis requires detailed attention.

As a grower, your goal is to get that plant to its top potential.

Even one misstep is enough to kill the entire plant.

The secret to growing quality cannabis?

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Learn to grow the cannabis you desire.

Cannabis can be cultivated a number of ways, each way having its own benefits and drawbacks.

Cannabis can be grown indoors or under the sun.

The simplest way of cultivating cannabis is using soil and adding nutrients.

This is true for indoors or outdoors.

If a cannabis plant from good genetics has good soil, good nutrients, good light, and is kept free from pests and disease, it will yield a quality harvest.

Sure, there are a lot of different factors to consider throughout the process – especially if you want to go hydroponic or organic, where things are even more involved.

Here's the thing:

Don’t let the learning curve deter you!

Growing your own cannabis is an amazing experience that will bring you and the people around you a lot of joy, health and happiness.

Get expert guidance from master growers

If you’re ready to grow your own top-quality cannabis OR take your growing game to the next level, you will love the Growers Quest.

This new platform is for beginning growers, returning growers, professional growers – anybody and everybody interested in cannabis cultivation.

Get guidance, secrets, tips and strategies from legendary growers over at the Growers Quest!

Have you ever grown cannabis?

Have you ever grown cannabis?