Mean Gene of Aficionado Seeds has bred some of the best cannabis in California.

The 8-time Emerald Cup winner specializes in boutique cannabis and can teach you a lot of advanced growing techniques.

In the above video, Mean Gene outlines several important factors you need to consider when breeding cannabis plants.

He also points out common practices you’ll want to avoid.

If you want to dive deeper, you can learn much more from Mean Gene and several other legendary cannabis cultivators, breeders, scientists, and experts over at Growers Quest.

Take Your Cannabis Growing Game to the Next Level

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In addition to guidance for beginning or returning growers, you can find advanced techniques for experienced and professional cultivators:

#1) Biological Pest Management

We’ll teach you how to manage your grow with 100% natural techniques.

#2) Increased Terpene Production

It’s not uncommon for us to get 3% or higher terpene levels.

#3) Advanced Breeding Strategies

Customize strains to your specific preferences and desires.

#4) Maximizing The Genetic Potential Of Your Plants

Cultivate larger yields, higher quality, and broader cannabinoid profiles.

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What is your experience level in cannabis growing?

What is your experience level in cannabis growing?