video production team laughing

Members of the Green Flower team on the set of our first production: #ComingOutGreen.

When we started this company our number one goal was to bust the cannabis stigma. We wanted to put a whole new face on cannabis and to show how people use it to live productive, healthy lives.

We launched some amazing campaigns as part of this goal, including our #comingoutgreen campaign to end the social stigma, our #oncannabis campaign to showcase what healthy cannabis use looks like, and our book launch with the one-and-only Steve DeAngelo for The Cannabis Manifesto.

Thanks to you, our online content has been shared more than 60,000+ times on social media, and allowed us to spread cannabis truth to millions around the world (in over 105+ different countries).

A huge part of that mission involved engaging with you, our tribe. The more we talked with you, the more we discovered a tremendous pain point – people all over the world starving for legitimate, trustworthy, credible information about this plant.

At the same time, we had found people who had been working with this plant for a long time. Physicians, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs – true experts who have contributed to cannabis and to people’s lives in so many ways but had yet to find the ultimate platform.

More specifically: they didn’t know how to get their knowledge to YOU.

That’s when our mission deepened, because we saw an amazing opportunity to:

1) Work with the world’s top experts to help them broadcast their knowledge to a global audience.

2) Give you the credible, trustworthy cannabis education you desire.

So the purpose of this post is to take you behind the scenes here at Green Flower, and share with you what we have coming up in the new year in hopes that you feel our commitment to serve and support you, and the cannabis industry as a whole.

More importantly, we want to share this with you because we want to engage with you, to speak with you (and not at you), and to create a genuine relationship with you.

So if there is anything in particular you want us to create, please let us know in the comments section below.

Our virtual cannabis summits are here!

What better way to connect you with the top experts in cannabis than to bring them into the comfort of your own home?

That is exactly what we’re going to do with our free virtual summits in 2016. You can look forward to four of them to be held throughout the year:

  • The Cannabis Health Summit
  • The Cannabis Startup Summit
  • The Cannabis Activism Summit
  • The Cannabis Grow Summit

Each summit will feature the world’s top cannabis experts giving you the highest-quality cannabis knowledge and information, streamed right to your computer.

If you want to join us at the virtual Cannabis Health Summit this January 23-24, you can register free by visiting this page.

Get ready for Green Flower’s online cannabis courses & classes!

Camera crew in Steve DeAngelo’s house

The Green Flower courses and classes will be a great opportunity to go deep with some of the world’s top cannabis experts.

We are also working with the world’s top cannabis experts to develop a variety of online courses and classes to give you a more interactive, in-depth learning experience.

Maybe you want to learn how to treat Alzheimer’s with cannabis, or how to cook with cannabis, or how to grow your own organic cannabis at home, or even how to get into the cannabis industry.

These are just a few of the many topics we’re working on, so if there is something particular you’d like to learn, be sure to let us know.

Here’s where our moral compass lies.

cannabis plant in the sunshine

Everybody, everywhere deserves to know how cannabis can enhance our lives and health if you used mindfully.

We believe in always doing business with people who have common values and beliefs. Not that we are against diversity! But we wanted to share with you our values so you can understand what’s guiding our compass.

  • We support and collaborate with the cannabis community because there’s strength in numbers.
  • We believe in revealing the truth and science of cannabis.
  • We strive to broadcast trustworthy, credible cannabis experts.
  • We believe in cannabis as a medicine for health and wellness.
  • We promote responsible cannabis use.
  • We create opportunities for people to get involved in the cannabis industry.
  • We love this plant and believe it can change our world for the better.

This post is a bit different from what we normally publish.

But we wanted to keep you in the loop on where we are headed, and how Green Flower intends to serve and to add value in the new year.

So thanks for reading, and feel free to share any thoughts or comments you have in the comments section below.

We cherish having the opportunity to serve you, to be in relationship with you, and to help you learn everything about this incredible plant from the world’s top experts.

Now it’s your turn! What do you think about Green Flower? Is there anything specific you want us to cover? Please post your comment now.