When it comes to getting a medical marijuana recommendation, laws vary state to state.

In California if you have a medical marijuana recommendation, it allows you to legally grow, consume, possess and transport cannabis as your medicine.

Doing any of these things without a license could get you into some trouble.

Plus, with a medical card you can have access to all of the dispensaries in your state.

Depending on which state, this could mean access to dozens of strains, tinctures, topicals, edibles and more.

But the process of actually getting a medical marijuana license? A lot of people are intimidated and nervous about it – naturally so after a lifetime of prohibition and cannabis stigma.

This is exactly why I wanted to have PrestoDoctor on the show.

I actually have my medical marijuana recommendation renewal appointment during the episode.

So you can be part of my actual doctor appointment by watching the video above.

With their team of licensed medical doctors, PrestoDoctor helps patients get their medical recommendations online via video chat.

Welcome to the future!

PrestoDoctor consultation

Consulting with a doctor doesn’t get any more comfortable than this!

You can now have a whole doctor’s visit on your sofa with a few clicks of a button.

This kind of online access is priceless, especially if you’re shy about getting your medical license or simply have a packed schedule most of the time.

Online consulting is a growing trend in medicine. So with any service like PrestoDoctor, we want an easy, enjoyable experience. We want to know that our information is safe and that the people on the other end of the line are qualified professionals.

#1) PrestoDoctor is 100% confidential

With PrestoDoctor you can have peace of mind, knowing that all your information – including credit card info – is securely stored.

Patient confidentiality is priority number one with these guys.

They are HIPAA-compliant, meaning your name will not go on a government registry or a list that could be accessible by an employer.

#2) PrestoDoctor is super-fast!

Isn’t it nice to work with people who value your time?

With PrestoDoctor, you can get a day-of appointment and access to your digital license within 30 minutes of officially receiving a recommendation for medical marijuana.

And your physical license is sent out the same day with an option for expedited shipping if you need your card extra fast.

PrestoDoctor is also fast when it comes to online help. With both email support and online chat help, you get a super quick response time.

#3) PrestoDoctor gives you an actual ID card that you can use for 24/7 verification

Believe it or not, not all medical recommendation services include an ID card with your fee. Instead, they give you a paper document.

Since you always carry your license on you, it’s kind of a bummer when that piece of paper starts falling apart.

In order to get your cannabis at dispensaries and collectives they need to be able to check the authenticity of your license.

PrestoDoctor’s service allows businesses to contact them 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to verify the authenticity of your license. So you can get access to your medication whenever you need it.

Signing up with PrestoDoctor

PrestoDoctor therapeutic cannabis recommendation

Here’s a snapshot of what the digital recommendation looks like.

Utilizing this service is really straightforward.

The site is well-designed and intuitive. It definitely makes the whole process fun and easy to approach.

To see me walk you through the whole process and to meet my doctor in real time, be sure to check out the video above.

Also, PrestoDoctor’s processing fee of $69 is much lower than what some of my Green Flower colleagues recently experienced with an in-person recommendation. They paid $100 and didn’t even get a card!

Who are these doctors exactly?

PrestoDoctor physicians

Choosing a doctor and setting up an appointment is easy and fast.

When I emailed PrestoDoctor to learn more about my physician, they were quick to respond with a bio and medical credentials.

The transparency was much appreciated, but I hope they consider implementing an option to click and view these materials while consulting with the doctor online.

Trust and credibility are very important, and I’m sure they would want patients to have easy access to info about who their doctor actually is!

Who is PrestoDoctor for?

PrestoDoctor screenshot

If you have the option, getting your medical marijuana licenseis a smart move.

If you live in a state with a medical program and you use cannabis, I encourage you to get your license if possible.

The opportunity to consume this medicine legally is worth it.

For now, PrestoDoctor is issuing only California medical marijuana recommendations (although you do not have to be a resident here to get your recommendation).

And PrestoDoctor does intend to expand into other states soon! Right now there are only a few states that allow telecommunication for cannabis evaluations.

Ready to see how it all works?

Mandee on the set of Try This

Watch the video to see Mandee go through her medical marijuana license renewal!

If you want to see exactly how PrestoDoctor works, check out the video above.

And if you’re ready to see your doctor now, we have a special surprise!

You can get 5% OFF now for being a part of the Green Flower tribe!

So don’t wait, be safe and get your license.

Is there something you want to see me try next? Let us know in the comments below.