Understanding Cannabinoids
Samantha Miller

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Cannabinoids are active compounds found within the cannabis plant. Although there are over 100 different cannabinoids - each exhibiting varied effects - the most prominent are THC and CBD. 

Much has been made recently of CBD (due, in large part, to its attenuated psychoactivity) and the broad role it plays in healing, both in symphony with and apart from THC. Is CBD better than THC at treating/supporting the endocannabinoid system? What about other cannabinoids like CBDa and THCa?

Chief Science Officer for hmbldt, Samantha Miller brings her formidable scientific insight to this live class to provide you with an introduction to cannabinoids and cannabinoid therapeutics, from what makes them work, their specific applications and the role minor cannabinoids play, to how to choose the best type of cannabis for your condition.

Samantha will cover: 

  • What are THC and CBD?
  • What are the different forms each come in and which one is right for you?
  • What are the therapeutic applications of CBD and THC?
  • Considerations when developing your own cannabis-based health regimen
  • Overview of the current research on PTSD, ALS, Parkinson’s & Cancer

Patients, caregivers, clinicians, dispensary staff, and anyone who wants to be informed on how and why cannabis works in the body or looking to use it therapeutically will benefit from this class.



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Samantha miller
Samantha Miller President & Chief Scientist of Pure Analytics

Samantha Miller, is an internationally recognized Biochemist and founder, president and Chief Scientist of Pure Analytics Laboratory a renowned cannabis analysis facility.

As a Beckman and NIH scholar Samantha discovered and described new reactions allowing the development of potential new cancer and AIDS pharmaceuticals.  Early in her career she oversaw federally regulated laboratories and became an expert in trace-level detection of contaminants.

As founder of Pure Analytics Samantha merged her over 25 years of cannabis cultivation experience with her extensive scientific, product development and business background and has been responsible for the development of unique techniques in cannabis analytics, research and strain isolation. Samantha also pioneered an educational program, teaching thousands of patients and the general public about cannabis, cannabinoid therapeutics, cannabis physiology and dosage development. She is an industry leader and is frequently requested to speak publicly about policy and the medicinal benefits of cannabis.


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Understanding Cannabinoids & How They Impact You Differently 1:08:37


10 months ago
I LOVE how dense the information in this course is. I could listen to Samantha for hours and hours. She has the ability to articulate the science in a way that is easily understandable. Highly recommend!
10 months ago
Love it! I'm learning so much, Samantha is an expert and a great teacher, she explains things in a very easy way so everyone can understand it.
10 months ago
Excellent! Samantha has presented so much useful info in such a short time. I have great respect for her willingness to share her wisdom, which has helped me to solidify my expanding understanding of this remarkable plant! Thanks!


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