How To Organize A Local Event To Educate Your Community About Cannabis
Shango Los and Green Flower

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During this exciting class, you'll learn:

  • Why it can be really fun, exciting, and valuable to organize a local event to educate your friends, family, and community about cannabis.
  • How to attract world-class speakers who will deliver fascinating presentations about unique cannabis topics.
  • How to structure your events so people get the most value and have an amazing experience.
  • How to market the events and get the word out so you have a full room of excited people.
  • How to get product companies to donate a ton of free stuff to you which will create a great buzz.
  • Much more!




Former Host of Ganjapreneur Podcast and present host of Shaping Fire & Founder Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance




Green Flower, Founder

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Shango los
Shango Los Cannabis Industry Expert, Host of Shaping Fire Podcast

As a lifelong cannabis enthusiast, entrepreneur and business consultant, Shango advocates for patients, heritage cannabis growers and responsible & sustainable commercial cannabis businesses. 

He is founder of the Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance cannabis trade organization and has worked tirelessly to create new markets for cannabis health products produced on Vashon Island. VIMEA is also known for presenting world class cannabis speakers for audiences made up of Islanders and others who take the ferry from nearby Seattle, WA.

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How To Organize A Local Event To Educate Your Community About Cannabis 41:08


25 days ago
Fantastic account of how to grow local support and come together with local patients and advocates. He presents a great blueprint for how to get started and keep new people coming in the doors. I'll be watching this multiple times.
over 1 year ago
Loved listening to you both. Very useful information from Shango Los about how we can ,merge users and non-users of cannabis, as a community. Understanding the endocannabinoid system should be at the forefront of research, especially for health care providers. He presents a lot of commonly held views and myths about the cannabis industry and ways that we can all contribute and work together, as the industry changes legally, politically and medically. ShelbyLaneMD


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