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Watch Every Session from the World’s Largest Hemp Expo

Generating over $700 million in 2016 alone, the Hemp & CBD industry is growing at an exponential rate... and it's ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and everyday people looking to get in.

At the center of the Hemp industry is the NoCo Hemp Expo - the world's largest and most diverse gathering of hemp and CBD professionals in the world.

Whether you’re:

  • Looking to break into this exploding market as an entrepreneur or executive
  • An established operator seeking the latest trends and innovations
  • An investor trying to get in early and capitalize on this totally under-valued sector 

The NoCo Hemp Expo provides you with the most up-to-date information on what’s happening now, and on the horizon, for hemp & CBD.

Featuring over 70+ industry experts presenting vital knowledge for the hemp & CBD industry, now, you can watch every session from this incredible event, online, anytime you want, covering:  

  • Processing: How hemp is in more and more products today.
  • Retail: Who’s selling, who’s not, and when will retail truly open up.
  • Regulation: How laws are changing now and in the near future.
  • Extraction: The new innovations and breakthroughs.
  • Nutrition: The latest research and science.
  • Global Markets: How big this will get.
  • Clothing: How hemp fashion is evolving and growing.
  • Textiles: How hemp is being used as materials and fabrics.
  • Regenerative Farming: The latest and greatest in hemp ag techniques.
  • Genetics: Learn from the smartest hemp & CBD breeders in the world.
  • CBD: The laws, the opportunities, the threats, and more.
  • Future Forecasts: Where all this is going.

Presented by the leading hemp, CBD, and business experts from around the world, NoCo is the industry epicenter of all that is possible with this remarkable plant.

The future continues to look big for hemp and CBD. Get the professional guidance and updates you need to be a part of it, from the experts at NoCo5 Hemp Expo.

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Get Access To:

  • Watch every keynote, session, and panel from the world’s largest and most respected Hemp conference – The NoCo5 Hemp Expo.
  • The bleeding-edge of strategy, legislation, trends and innovation in the booming hemp & CBD industry.
  • Watch the content anytime you want, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

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NoCo Hemp Expo

Founded by Morris Beegle of Colorado Hemp Company, the primary goal of NoCo Hemp Expo, is to increase awareness of new hemp products, technology, innovation, legislation and politics that impact the advancement of hemp re-entering the mainstream with common-sense regulations. Our two-day expo and trade show offer a B2B/industry-focused experience which is designed for suppliers, buyers, investors, farmers, processors, manufactures and companies directly involved in the hemp industry and ancillary markets.

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Lets Talk Hemp Main Stage -Day 1
Day 1 Lets Talk Hemp Main Stage
Title Runtime
Welcome - The 422 Meets Cannabis Economy Live Podcast 20:29
From Hoodlamb to Hemp Tailors 25:58
Hemp in the Global Market 26:48
The Commercialization of Hemp Bioplastics 13:40
Correcting the Ecological Balance of our Planet 15:57
Legislative & Regulatory Update Session 27:11
Producers Perspective - Looking Forward Panel 39:09
The Processing & Supply Chain Bottleneck – Panel 50:08
Hemp Retail Marketing and Placement – Panel 41:00
International Panel on Hemp Progress - Panel 40:38
Let's Talk Hemp Main Stage - Day 2
Day 2- Let's Talk Hemp Main Stage
Title Runtime
Welcome: Morris Beegle 3:37
Native Struggle for Hemp Sovereignty 51:32
Hemp Textiles - Global Outlook and Domestic Landscape 17:44
Hemp Health- The Superfood 45:30
Not Your Grandpa's Hemp - Hemp's Future Advances 39:12
Cannabinoids and Pro Football- A Natural Fit : Athletes for Care 43:10
The Acronym Puzzle -DEA/FDA/DSHEA/CSA/GRAS/BS/MIA/FU 57:24
Hemp Summit Main Stage - Day 1
Day 1 of the Hemp Summit Main Stage
Title Runtime
Keynote - Arran Stephens 34:40
Hemp Natural and Organics 14:13
Industry Legal Update 50:12
The Inside Scoop on Industrial Processing 20:34
Hemp Demo Day Showcase 1 -Investor Focused Pitches-Presentations 34:00
Afternoon Keynote - Winona LaDuke 15:39
Hemp Finance and Investments 24:58
Hemp Demo Day Showcase 2 - Investor Focused Pitches-Presentations 14:13
Featured Company Presentation - Orange Photonics 6:09
CBD Meet the Buyers 32:59
International Round-up 37:27
Hemp Summit Main Stage - Day 2
Day 2 of the Hemp Main Stage
Title Runtime
Welcome Farm and AG Symposium - Keynote: The Soil Guy Speaks - Ray Archuleta 50:22
Industrial Hemp vs Cannabinoid Hemp Farming Panel 1:42:55
Technology & Innovation Spotlight Q & A 35:59
Hemp Genetics - Seeds, Clones, and Tissue Cultures - PANEL 41:48
Cannabis Hemp Lab Testing 41:56
Rodale Hemp Research - Keynote: Annie Brown 18:33
Regenerative Entrepreneur presented by Nature's Love - Doug Fine 28:02
Let's Talk Hemp- Workshop Room - Day 1
Day 1 of Lets Talk Hemp- Workshop Room
Title Runtime
Illuminated Extractions 18:40
Lessons from the Herbalist 38:19
Building Our Future with Hemp -Hempcrete Demo 15:36
Triple Bottom Line 27:03
Hemp Foods Demo 40:10
Replacing Everyday Products with Hemp 40:38
Cannabinoids for Women's Health 51:41
Let's Talk Hemp Workshop Room - Day 2
Day 2 of the Lets Talk Workshop Room
Title Runtime
Hemp 101- Learn, See and Touch Hemp 32:34
How to Revolutionize Beekeeping and Industrial Hemp Industries 31:50
Confessions of an American Hemperdasher 28:56
Hemp Tea Making with Jordan and James 19:18
Building Our Future with Hemp -Hempcrete Demo - Tiny Hemp Houses 41:48
Saving the Pollinators Through Hemp and Organics 42:57


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Q: When willl the content be ready for viewing?

The content will be released on April 16, 2018. 

Q: How do I access the content and for how long do I have access?

Once you checkout, you'll be able to watch every session on the Green Flower platform anytime you want, forever. 

Q: Who should watch the Noco expo?

Entrepreneurs and investors looking for new opportunities in the Hemp & CBD markets, existing businesses looking for clarity on the laws & better ways to operate, and executives and employees looking to enter the space and play a significant role in the explosive growth.  

Q: What are the benefits of Noco?

Get the most up-to-date and current information on every aspect of the Hemp & CBD industry, including trends, retail, legality, untapped opportunities, and much more.