Jeff The 420 Chef Cannabis Thanksgiving Special
Jeff The 420 Chef
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Most people love the idea of cooking with cannabis, but have no idea where to start! Fortunately for you, Thanksgiving is right around the corner... so we brought in Jeff The 420 Chef to walk you, step-by-step, through how to create a delicious cannabis infused dinner! Join us for this live-class to learn how to make cannabis-infused, gourmet food with this renowned cannabis chef!


Jeff the 420 Chef will teach you:

  • How to responsibly prepare and host a Thanksgiving dinner with cannabis infused foods and side-dishes.

  • How to make “Canna-Chocolate Eggnog”,“Turkey with canna-gravy” and more.

  • What kind of cannabis products and ingredients you need.

  • How to decide which dishes to infuse and which ones are you should leave un-medicated.

  • Why it can be useful to include CBD into your recipes when cooking with cannabis.

  • A special technique called “layered Micro-Dosing” which ensures everyone can control and enjoy their experience

  • How to talk to your guests to make sure everyone has a fun, safe, and enjoyable time.

  • Much more!


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Jeff 420
Jeff The 420 Chef Celebrity Cannabis Chef, Author 420 Gourmet

Dedicated to improving the lives of other people, JeffThe420Chef is the only cannabis chef in the world that specializes in cooking and baking with specially crafted cannabutters and cannaoils, created specifically to achieve the health and wellness goals of those who choose to medicate with cannabis. JeffThe420Chef is also the only chef that teaches home cooks and chefs alike how cook and bake with cannabis in their own homes, and most importantly Jeff teaches how to properly prepare and dose cannabis edibles.

JeffThe420Chef is the cannabis chef who invented Light Tasting and Tasteless cannabutter and cannaoil as well as the THC/CBD Calculator, a very specific dosing system for home cooks and chef and is the only cannabis chef that does what he does. He has been featured on TV, radio and in numerous articles.

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Jeff the 420 Chef Cannabis Thanksgiving Special

Bonus PDFs

Jeff the 420 Chef’s Special Thanksgiving Feast Recipes

Jeff the 420 Chef shares 5 recipes of his favorite Cannabis-infused Thanksgiving dishes! Available for download for INSIDERS!


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