5 Tips for Purchasing Cannabis Topicals
Mandee Lee

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More and more topical products are coming out these days and not all products are made or work the same. It’s important to know what to look for in a topical to ensure you are purchasing the best option. 

During this episode, Watch Mandee discuss 5 takeaways for purchasing the right topicals for you!

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Mandee Lee Producer and Host of 'Try This' at Green Flower

Mandee Lee is the Producer and Host of ‘Try This’, the popular Green Flower show that helps you navigate the confusing world of cannabis products today. With over 20+ year of cannabis experience, Mandee is the perfect guide to help you get the most value out from your favorite plant.

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Try This: 5 Tips for Purchasing Cannabis Topicals


12 months ago
This is a new topic for me, pun intended. Topicals have changed the way I manage pain. Making your own topicals is the best way to ensure it is organic & clean. Looking forward to learning more about what other ingredients can be added for specific treatments.


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