How To Make Bedtime Edibles with Jeff the 420 Chef
Jeff The 420 Chef

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Would you love to know to create cannabis edibles that help with insomnia?

Let legendary cannabis chef and author Jeff The 420 Chef teach you how!

  • Learn how cannabis works in edibles and how to use them for sleep
  • Step by step guidance on how to make “Sleepy Re-Leaf Peanut Butter Cups”
  • What to look for in a strain or product when making edibles for insomnia
  • The importance of using proper ingredients for your cannabis edibles
  • How to use your infused butters and oils to create great edibles
  • And much more!

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  • Jeff’s Foundational Cannabutter Recipe
  • Coupon code for members to get signed 420 Gourmet Cookbooks
  • Jeff’s special recipe for Infused Bulletproof coffee

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Jeff 420
Jeff The 420 Chef Celebrity Cannabis Chef, Author 420 Gourmet

Dedicated to improving the lives of other people through innovative cannabis cuisine, Jeff the 420 Chef is the only cannabis chef in the world that specializes in cooking and baking with specially crafted cannabutters and cannaoils, created specifically to achieve the health and wellness goals of those who choose to medicate with cannabis.

Jeff is also the only chef that teaches homemakers, cooks and chefs of all levels, how to cook and bake with cannabis in their own homes, and most importantly, demonstrates how to properly prepare and dose cannabis edibles.

Featured on TV, radio and in numerous articles, Jeff the 420 Chef invented Light Tasting and Tasteless Cannabutter and Cannaoil as well as the THC/CBD Calculator - a very specific dosing system for home cooks.


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How To Make Bedtime Edibles with Jeff the 420 Chef 23:11


Sleepy Re-Leaf Peanut Butter Cups

Bonus PDFs

Infused Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Jeff's Light Tasting Cannabutter

Bonus Item:

  • Jeff’s Foundational Cannabutter Recipe 
  • Coupon code for members to get signed 420 Gourmet Cookbook
  • Jeff’s special recipe for Infused Bulletproof coffee


over 1 year ago
That small whisk... I feel bad for Jeff! Yikes. For those of you at home - use a normal whisk, or even better a clean silicon spatula (one for chocolate, one for PB mix)! Also, for filling the cups - think about a small ice cream scoop to make sure you have a consistent dose. Another option to topping off the cups is to take the warm chocolate, put it into a piping bag or quart sized zip-top plastic bag, tie off the open end, cut a small hole in the bottom point and squeeze the chocolate over the pb mix. The warmth of your hands should help keep the chocolate fluid for smooth coverage, without overheating.


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