Learn How To Make Your Own Cannabis-Infused Foods, Drinks & Oils While Controlling The Dose
Robyn Griggs Lawrence

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This World-Renowned Cannabis Chef Wants To Walk You Step-By-Step Through The Fundamentals of Cooking with Cannabis

If you’re interested in learning how to cook with cannabis while avoiding the all too common over-consumption experience, this brand new course will more than tickle your tastebuds. You’ll learn how to create the highest quality cannabis-infused oils and butters right, that become your go-to foundation for cannabis cuisine. You’ll get a clear foolproof way to properly dose your foods so that you never over-consume or create a bad experience for others. You’ll learn how, why, and when to decarboxylate your cannabis for maximum benefits and effects. And you’ll discover how to create your own healthy edibles that aren’t full of sugars or artificial flavors.

The industry is filled with edibles that have confusing labels, too much sugar, unpredictable effects and inconsistent batches. It’s time that you learn the fundamentals of how to cook with cannabis, so you can start enjoying the immense health benefits of cannabis infused foods, drinks, and oils right from your very own kitchen.

You’ll benefit by understanding:

  • How to make your own cannabis infused butters, oils, tinctures, and drinks right from home
  • How to dose safely and effectively to avoid over-consumption
  • How to avoid the “weed-y” taste that comes from poor cooking methods
  • How to make healthy edibles that aren’t full of sugar or artificial flavors
  • How to properly decarboxylate your cannabis for maximum effect & potency
  • How much fun it is to cook with cannabis!

This course is for you if:

  • You want to enjoy the many benefits of cannabis but you don’t want to smoke
  • You need the effects of cannabis to last longer for health and wellness purposes
  • Women, baby boomers and older populations with your unique needs and desires
  • You’d like a discreet way to consume that’s free of judgement or stigma
  • You’d love to experiment cooking with cannabis but need to feel safe and confident

Why you should do this now…

  • Making your own infused foods & edibles will majorly cut down on how much money you spend buying from others.
  • You’ll drop the fear and hesitation of cooking with cannabis by understanding exactly how to properly dose.
  • You can make whatever healthy infused dishes you want.
  • It’s a ton of fun!!!

This course includes:

  • 4 modules of step-by-step video training and videos to show you exactly how to confidently cook with cannabis, no matter how much experience you have now.
  • Over 10 exclusive downloadable PDF’s including a comprehensive shopping list, step-by-step directions and special charts to help you understand flavors, strains and terpene profiles.
  • Learn even more from Robyn's direct answers to questions from course participants with instant access to 2 recorded Q&A calls
  • 24/7 access, you can cancel your membership at any time


Robyn griggs lawrence
Robyn Griggs Lawrence Author

Robyn Griggs Lawrence is the author of the highly acclaimed cannabis cookbook: “The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, a collection of know-how, advice and recipes from America’s top cannabis chefs.” Having been featured on multiple national publications like Bloomberg, The Guardian, Fast Company, Alternet, Publishers Weekly and many more, her mission is to educate people about how to safely prepare and imbibe organic, sustainably grown cannabis for health and wellbeing.

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Title Runtime
The Fundamentals of Cooking with Cannabis 14:52
Cannabis Forms for Cooking 14:33
Infusion Basics 35:33
How to Dose with Cannabis Food 10:32


Cooking With Cannabis Slides Handout

Bonus Audios

Bonus Q&A Call 1 Recording with Robyn
Bonus Q&A Call 2 Recording with Robyn

Bonus PDFs

10 Great CBD-Dominant Cultivars

What to Do When You Eat Too Much Cannabis

Top Cultivars for Cooking

Simple Butter & Oil Infusions Handout

Journal Prompts for Infusion Process

Jane West’s Playlist

How to Make An Alcohol Tincture Handout

How to Make a Hash Infusion

Flavor Profiles Handout

Best Foods for Micro-Dosing

Ask Your Budtender

THC and CBD Calculation Spreadsheet v2

Terpene Chart from The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

How to Make a Glycerin Tincture

Best Cultivars for Sex

Bonus Calls

2 Valuable Q&A session recordings included, where Robyn discusses many additional aspects of cooking with cannabis with course participants.


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