Cannabis & Pregnancy: Is It Safe Or Not?
Stacey Kerr M.D.

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Stacey Kerr is a medical doctor who decided to do a deep dive into the research about cannabis and pregnancy. Coupled with her deep experience in a community that used cannabis heavily during pregnancy, she is uniquely qualified to discuss whether cannabis does or does not have an effect on the child and the mother.

In this exciting new online class, Dr. Kerr will share what she’s learned from the research about cannabis and pregnancy, plus share her own anecdotal experiences.

  • Understand whether it’s safe to use cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Find out if there are any long term negative (or positive) side-effects
  • Look at the current research about cannabis and pregnancy from a scientific perspective
  • Results from a private survey of women who used cannabis during pregnancy, including how those children are doing today as adults
  • Guidelines for possible cannabis use during pregnancy
  • Ask your questions LIVE and get real answers from the expert
  • Much more!

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Stacey kerr
Stacey Kerr M.D. Family Medicine Doctor, Cannabis Researcher & Consultant

In college, Stacey Kerr, MD earned a BS in elementary education/special education for emotionally disturbed adolescents. After graduating, she lived in the largest intentional spiritual community in the US (The Farm) for 10 years, where cannabis was used daily by many/most of the members. Stacey explored the spiritual aspects of mind altering medicines.  She went to medical school after leaving The Farm, when her children were both in elementary school. Dr. Stacey became a grandmother before she finished her residency in family medicine. She had a full-scope family practice in which she delivered hundreds of babies and helped them grow to adulthood. Dr. Stacey also wrote a book- Homebirth in the Hospital to help empower women who have babies in hospital settings. She is a teacher, a physician, and a writer/author. Dr. Stacey is a medical consultant for Hawaiian Ethos on the Big Island of Hawaii. She rides a Harley Softail, and plays marimba in a marimba band called Ambuya.  


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My children are healthy because of Cannabis.


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