Cannabis Plant Chemistry Masterclass
Arno Hazekamp

So many people work with cannabis but almost nobody really knows what’s actually in the plant or how it works on a molecular level. That can be a real problem when using cannabis as medicine, making cannabis products or cannabis extractions, and creating the right labels or regulations because people are making incorrect decisions without having a proper understanding of the plant.

In this new thorough Masterclass from one of the world’s top cannabis researchers, Arno Hazekamp will walk you step-by-step through the chemistry and biology of the cannabis plant, how the cannabinoids work, and why the plant science is so crucial for making informed cannabis decisions.

You’ll benefit by understanding:

  • How cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are actually made in cannabis

  • What is the chemical influence of extraction, degradation and evaporation on cannabis

  • The other ingredients found in cannabis that influence production and synthesis

  • What are realistic claims to make on cannabis product labels

  • The chemical differences between Sativa and Indica varieties

  • What you need to look for in cannabis lab tests

  • The chemistry of concentrated cannabis oils

  • Much more!

This Masterclass is for:

  • Growers looking to grow better cannabis

  • Product creators in the cannabis industry looking to create higher quality products

  • Medical professionals who want to truly understand why cannabis is medicine

  • Policy makers who are looking to make scientifically sound decisions

  • Patients who want to understand what’s truly in their medicine

This is a rare opportunity to learn the chemistry of the cannabis plant from one of the world’s leading cannabis researchers. Sign up now!

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Arno hazekamp
Arno Hazekamp Former Head of Research & Education at Bedrocan International, Independent Consultant for Cannabis R & D Projects

Dr. Hazekamp studied at Leiden University, the Netherlands, where he worked for over 10 years in the School of Biology (Bachelor’s) and the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Master’s), under the celebrated prof. Rob Verpoorte (1994-2000). He graduated with honors (2001). As a plant biochemist, he continued with the first PhD study on the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant in The Netherlands (2001-2007).

Arno worked closely with the only legal cannabis grower in Europe (Bedrocan) on projects covering quality control, product development and basic research. He actively participated in the medicinal cannabis program of the Dutch Health Ministry, and was a strong advocate of a more science-based approach on the medicinal use of cannabis.

Arno continues to have a strong interest in the medicinal use of cannabis, with a specific focus on controlled cultivation, quality control, and safe access for medical patients. Arno was a board member (2009-2011) of the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine (IACM). He is an active traveler and lecturer, and is considered a professionally trained medicinal cannabis advocate. Arno became the Head of Research and Education (R&E) of Bedrocan International, where he spearheaded many scientific studies with medicinal cannabis, including development of new cannabis varieties and better administration forms, improvement of quality control methodology, and the design of clinical studies with herbal cannabis (2011-2017). He organizes the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis, a week-long training event in the Netherlands that covers all aspects of medicinal cannabis use (since 2011). Early 2017, Arno became an independent consultant for regulators, cultivators and product developers in the cannabis industry, under the name Hazekamp Herbal Consulting.

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Title Runtime
Introduction to Cannabis Plant Chemistry 16:09
Cannabinoids 27:37
Terpenes 11:50
Other Components 7:34
Examples 24:58
Conclusion 10:22


Cannabis Plant Chemistry Masterclass slides

Bonus PDFs

2013-Simpson oil.pdf

2016-Cultivar to Chemovar 2.pdf

Sativa Indica Dilemma

2016-effects of gamma irradiation.pdf

Brochure Medicinal Cannabis plus REFS.pdf


PDF documents available for download when you purchase:

Simpson Oil

Sativa - Indica Dilemma

Cultivar to Chemovar

Effects of Gamma Irradiation

Brochure Medicinal Cannabis Plus REFS



about 1 month ago
Great intro into the science and pitfalls
10 months ago
Excellent course. I continue to watch it and learn more every time.
about 1 year ago
One of my favorite classes so far. Beautifully presented in a way that I believe most people will understand. So much indepth knowledge, Arno digs deep into the chemistry of this plant, on a molecular level. Definately one to add to your library.
about 1 year ago
Excellent! I did lol at the end of Other Components. Don't get started on Intelligent Design. 😂
Profile fe796a07e3cd6962d5625b798207a5022060bd6a332bc0860ace81fe0517a546
about 1 year ago
Excellent presentation a ton of useful information
Profile fe796a07e3cd6962d5625b798207a5022060bd6a332bc0860ace81fe0517a546
about 1 year ago
Thank you for this very informative class!! The delivery was excellent. Well organized and thorough. This has been one of the most complete talks I heard here. Meaning I got what I came for. Thanks again!


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