How Cannabis Will Transform Our Culture & Society
Jason Silva

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The Atlantic describes Jason Silva as "The Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age".

During this exclusive interview, Jason Silva will take us on a mind-bending, consciousness-expanding ride to discuss cannabis and explore why he believes this plant will positively transform our culture and society.


Tune in and watch Jason discuss:


  • How cannabis can fuel creativity, mind-expansion, and sensory experiences
  • How cannabis will transform our culture and social interactions
  • How Jason uses cannabis personally to explore new ideas and philosophies
  • Why people have cannabis fueled anxiety and what to do about it
  • What we can do to change the stigma of cannabis on a global level
  • How to create a proper “set and setting” for an optimal cannabis experience
  • Much more!


If you’re interested in the mind-expanding qualities of cannabis, this class is a must-watch!

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Jason silva
Jason Silva National Geographic TV Host, Brain Games & Origins

Jason Silva is a media artist, futurist, philosopher, keynote speaker and TV personality.

He is the creator of Shots of Awe, a short film series of "trailers for the mind" that serve as philosophical espresso shots exploring innovation, technology creativity, futurism and the metaphysics of the imagination.

He is also the Emmy nominated host of National Geographic Channel's hit TV series Brain Games, airing in over 100 countries. Look for his new show Origins also on Nat Geo.

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How Cannabis Will Transform Our Culture & Society 54:33


Profile fe796a07e3cd6962d5625b798207a5022060bd6a332bc0860ace81fe0517a546
4 months ago
Great conversation, important ideas to spread. Cheers!
Profile fe796a07e3cd6962d5625b798207a5022060bd6a332bc0860ace81fe0517a546
9 months ago
about 1 year ago
So good! 👍👍 I've never heard Jason before, and after listening to this dialogue with Max, I am a HUGE fan. He expresses so well things that I've been dwelling on, and absolutely validates my feelings on the great potential of cannabis for humans, in both the physical and mental realms! Thanks to Max and Green Flower for making this magical educational experience happen! 😊
over 1 year ago
What a great sit down experience! Loved the enthusiasm!
Profile fe796a07e3cd6962d5625b798207a5022060bd6a332bc0860ace81fe0517a546
over 1 year ago
What an excellent conversation, great insight, hope you guys can do more of this type


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