How To Get National Press For Your Cannabis Business
Matt Rizzetta

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Few things will grow your business faster than getting mainstream press, and fortunately for you, cannabis is a very hot topic right now.  But getting the media to pay attention to your individual cannabis business can be tricky and most people make a ton of mistakes when talking to the press.

That’s why you definitely want to watch this new class by Matt Rizetta of N6A, one of the fastest growing PR companies in the cannabis industry.

  • How to get both mainstream and cannabis media to pick up your story
  • Understand the “love language” of the press so they respond more easily
  • The right way to educate the media about your cannabis business so they write great stories about you
  • What type of data and stories the media is most interested in cannabis
  • Big mistakes most cannabis businesses make when talking to the media
  • Much more!

If you’re starting or building a cannabis business today, you’d be making a huge mistake by missing this class. One great press story can change the success of your business forever!


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Matt rizzetta
Matt Rizzetta CEO, N6A Public Relations

Matt Rizzetta is the president and CEO of North 6th Agency (N6A), an award-winning communications agency based in New York. Rizzetta has built N6A into one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing PR Firms in the U.S., according to O'Dwyer's. He is frequently quoted on topics of management, measurement and innovation, and has been featured in Adweek, DM News, Media Bistro, The New York Times, and was named a finalist for the Marketing Leader of the Year by PR News.

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How To Get National Press For Your Cannabis Business 57:55


about 1 year ago
Not sure if it's "cool" for me to review... but I think this class is a must watch for cannabis companies who are up for growth! Just great!


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