Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a subscriber and member?

  • Subscriber: Subscribers have access to our free content (blog, weekly broadcast)
  • Member: Paid subscription which includes access to all free content plus our Insider video library

How do I know if I’m an Insider?

  • The Insider membership is a paid monthly subscription at $18/month or $162/annually
  • When you login and click, “My Library” at the top of the homepage, the entire Insider library will be displayed for you to watch anytime.

I created a login but don’t have access to videos. Why?

Please refer to subscriber and member definitions found in question #1

I’m logged in, why do I keep getting asked to sign-up when I click on a video?

  • You may not be logged in with your e-mail address and password
  • You may be a subscriber but not a member and are attempting to access videos that are a part of the membership video library
  • Once you become a member you will have access to the video library

How do I reset my password?

  • Go to
  • Click “Login or Register” in the upper right hand corner of your screen
  • At the bottom of the login form, click “Reset Your Password”
  • Enter your e-mail address and click “Send me reset instructions”
  • You’ll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password within a few minutes
  • The e-mail should arrive in your Inbox. If it doesn’t please check your Spam/Junk folders
  • Click through the “Change my password” link provided in your e-mail
  • You will then be directed back to the site to enter your new password
  • Remember to click, “change password” to save your new password

I’m having trouble streaming videos.. Help!

Let’s make sure your computer systems are all up-to-date:

  • Most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari
  • Operating system: Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.7+, or Ubuntu 10+
  • Internet connection with 1+ Mbps
  • In addition, reduce how many devices are using your internet connection when accessing GF videos as this may affect bandwidth and cause timeouts during streaming.
  • It can be helpful to allow the video to buffer for a few minutes before pressing play.

I can’t make the weekly broadcasts. Is there a replay available?

Our broadcasts air each Thursday at 5pm PST. Following the broadcast, paid Insider members have access to all videos once uploaded to our library. Generally this process takes 24-hours.

As an Insider, where do I find new courses?

  • Click the “My Library” tab at the top of the page
  • You will find new courses under the “New & Recently Added” category

My purchase didn’t go through, why?

  1. Make sure the correct billing address is linked to the credit card you’re using
  2. Ensure you have funds available
  3. Confirm credit card number is entered correctly
  4. Verify credit card is not expired
  5. If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues making a purchase, please contact us directly at:

I live outside of the U.S, can I still watch your content?

Yes, video content is available worldwide

I live outside of the U.S., can I still purchase your products?

If you are considering purchasing a Strain Tracker or Herbalizer, we currently only ship to the US and Canada.

Can I watch Green Flower on my phone?

Yes! You are able to watch Green Flower videos on your phone through our website:

Do you have an app?

We currently do not have an designated app for mobile devices. Stay tuned… we are working on this!

Is your content Downloadable?

Our content is currently not downloadable.

I’ve used several email addresses with Green Flower but would like to use one login. Is this possible?

Yes, we’re happy to merge your existing accounts into one. Please e-mail us at

Is it possible to change my billing date?

Absolutely! Please e-mail us directly at and let us know what you would like your billing date to be changed to.

I have a medical condition. Can you recommend a Dr., Dosage, Delivery method, etc.?

We are not doctors or medical professionals and are therefore unable to prescribe or advise about cannabis dosage, delivery method, etc.

Do your videos come in any other language or with subtitles?

Providing access to our global audience is SO important to us. Currently, we do not have the option to view our videos with subtitles or in another language but this is something we are actively working on. Stay tuned!

How do I cancel my Insider Subscription?

Currently, the easiest way to ensure your Insider subscription is cancelled is to contact our Customer Happiness team via email at:

I LOVE GREEN FLOWER! How can I work with you?

Great! We appreciate your interest. You can find current openings on our JOBS page: If you feel you’d be a good fit for any of these positions we’d love to hear from you!

I have a successful business. How do I partner with Green Flower?

Help us spread the highest quality cannabis education available throughout the world by becoming an Affiliate! Find out more here: