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The National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference helps provide patients, physicians and concerned citizens with the information, tools and training they need to be successful representatives for medical cannabis policy and advocacy, and to empower them to affect change using public education and direct advocacy at the local, state and federal level.

Unity is the largest conference for medical cannabis patients, activists, lawyers and medical professionals seeking to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research, by exploring best practices and new ideas on navigating medical cannabis issues in the new political landscape and providing professional development and leadership training in all areas of advocacy.

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    I am a huge fan of Green Flower.

    "As the first active NFL player to openly advocate for the use of cannabinoids to treat chronic pain and sports-related injuries, I am a huge fan of Green Flower. They provide a constant source of credible cannabis education and expertise that's desperately needed to overcome the decades of misinformation about this plant. It's time the world sees the healing potential of cannabis, and I'm thrilled Green Flower is leading the charge on a global level."

    - Eugene Monroe, Former NFL Player, Baltimore Ravens
    What You Get As A Green Flower INSIDER
    1. Unlimited Access To Our Ever-Growing Library of Classes
    Over $1,000 worth of credible cannabis education and trainings right at your fingertips.
    2. New Cannabis Classes Added To Your Library EVERY Week!
    Every week, you'll get new classes, videos, and trainings added to your library without lifting a finger.
    3. Instant Access To The World's Top Cannabis Experts
    Steve DeAngelo
    Mara Gordon
    Aunt Zelda's
    Emily Paxhia
    Poseidon Asset Mgmt
    Amanda Reiman
    Drug Policy Alliance
    Michael Backes
    Cannabis Pharmacy
    Alison Ettel
    Jessica Peters
    Moxie Meds
    Paul Armentano
    Dr. Jessica Knox
    Canna MD's
    Dr. Rachel Knox
    Canna MD's
    Uwe Blesching
    Cannabis Health Index
    Robyn Lawrence
    Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook
    4. State-Of-The-Art Learning Technology
    Our custom-built technology lets you stream every class on all your devices. No matter where you are in the world, you can learn and grow with the world's best.
    Green Flower produces the highest quality content in the industry.

    "I've been extremely impressed by their impact on our cannabis community. For over 40+ years, I've been advocating for people to treat this plant with more respect and value. Now Green Flower is helping me and many other top leaders broadcast that wisdom to a global audience."

    - Steve DeAngelo, Harborside
    You'll Enjoy Cannabis Classes In Every Category
    • Cannabis for health
    • Growing cannabis
    • Succeeding in the cannabis industry
    • Cooking with cannabis
    • Dosing strategies
    • Cannabis for creativity
    • Science of cannabis
    • Investing in cannabis
    • Activism & social justice
    • Make your own cannabis products
    • Cannabis and fitness
    • Cannabis and relationships
    • Much more!
    Your Private Community Where You Can
    Talk About Cannabis With People You
    Trust & Respect

    Insiders will get exclusive access to a brand new online community of experts, patients, thought leaders, growers, scientists, enthusiasts, and every-day people who want to have real conversations about cannabis.

    Ask your questions and get trustworthy answers, debate about important cannabis topics, give and receive guidance to improve your cannabis skills, discover cannabis resources that will genuinely help you, and connect with other modern day cannabis users that don't fit the outdated cannabis stereotype.

    Yes, THIS is the cannabis community you've been waiting for.

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    Incredible Value For Your Money Because It's Less Than Buying Just One Class On Its Own
    It would cost you over a thousand dollars to buy each class individually, and even more to fly around the country for expensive seminars and events that don't give you even a fraction of the trusted information you'll get here.
    You Can Learn At Your Own Pace From Anywhere In The World
    Every class is available to you 24/7 on all devices (web, tablet, and mobile) to enjoy anytime you want.
    This Is The Cannabis Community You've Been Looking For
    It's very difficult to find places to have real conversations with real people about cannabis anytime you want. Insiders enjoy a private place to connect, talk, share ideas, and so much more!
    You'll Be Fully Empowered To Help Others With Cannabis
    The more you learn about cannabis, the easier it will be for you to help others in your life, approach difficult conversations with ease, and be a true force for good in this movement.
    You Can Start Watching Instantly
    The moment you checkout, you'll get instant access to your brand new library and amazing community instantly.
    People Love Being Insiders!
    Ann RNAs an RN who is trying to educate the community and destroy the stigma: all the education about dosing, components of the plants: cannabinoids, terpenes, and remedies for particular diseases to share with patients. Green Flower has provided the best education on the Web.
    Let's GO green...$18.00/mo is such a bargain... I can't afford NOT to be an insider! Think about the cost of a lunch and or breakfast... You can join...think about it..
    User #35086I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition in 10 years ago, and Green Flower has given me a great amount of knowledge that helps me manage my condition. THANK YOU!!!
    FrannieIt has made me feel like even in my senior time of life, i can stay connected to a large group of like minded people and become part of the industry and watch it evolve from a front row seat! thank you all!
    Stephanie H.I've learned that using this plant as medicine is nothing to be ashamed of. It's opened me up to share with others and spread the word. Thank you for the sense of community and belonging. As someone who was kicked out of my house for using this medicine for my chronic pain, feeling accepted means so much.
    G.G.Green flower have given me the courage to speak up and be proud of all the knowledge I now have. My friends now ask me to go to the shop
    User #7331As a healthcare provider, I find that Education is ever changing in western medicine and this cannabis field. and that is why it is important to keep referring to seminars offered on GFM and individual case studies.
    Everything You Get
    • Unlimited access to Green Flower classes to enjoy anytime you want
    • New classes, trainings, or videos added to your library every week
    • A private community where you can engage, interact and connect with others
    • State-of-the-art learning technology to watch on all your devices
    • You get instant access the moment you checkout
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is there a minimum contract?
    No, you can cancel your Green Flower subscription any time. However you will lose access to all the classes in your membership.
    Will I get access to everything immediately?
    Yes! You’ll get access to all the content immediately, plus new classes will be added to your library every week!
    How often are new classes added?
    Every single week! Plus we’re adding a ton of new classes, shows, and videos (only available to Insiders) all the time.
    What if I've already purchased Green Flower classes?
    They will be in your library forever, even if you cancel your Insider Membership.
    Are Masterclasses included in this membership?
    No, multi-module trainings must be purchased separately.